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Resengo - A hospitality worker shows his colleague the reservation system on an iPad, as they work together to efficiently manage guests.

Choose Resengo as the best online reservation system

Our Resengo family now counts more than 4,000 top businesses that rely on our reservation solutions! Will you also make the right move with the online reservation system in 2023? Read here why Resengo can give you a great year.

Switch to the best online reservation system, Resengo!

Switch to the best online reservation system

Find out why switching to the Resengo reservation system is not only easy and quick, but also the logical next step for your business!

Resengo - Smiling woman hangs on the phone while entering an order on her tablet.

Online booking: a boost for your restaurant or wellness business

Guests increasingly book their restaurant or wellness visits online. This makes an online reservation module the most important feature of a website. Does your establishment also offer online reservations? Find out below why you should stay up-to-date.

Resengo - Customer Data

5 tips to turn your customer data into gold

Collecting and keeping customer data requires some work but it will be one of your most prized assets in the long run. That’s why we’re offering this checklist to help you manage your customer data better.

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An image of a queue with guests. This image is used in a Resengo blog about the ResQueue queuing system for hospitality industry.

Improve your guest experience with Resengo's queuing tool ResQueue

Discover the tool that ensures you can serve even every guest without a reservation and not lose a single couvert: ResQueue!

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Image of a terrace as part of Resengo\'s article \'6 tips for the perfect Resengo terrace plan\'. Learn how to create the ideal terrace for your hospitality business with our tips.

6 tips for the perfect Resengo terrace plan

With the sun shining brightly again, now is the ideal time to take your terrace to the next level! Read in this article how Resengo helps you do just that.

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Resengo - Online Gift Vouchers

7 essential tips to promote your gift vouchers online

Selling vouchers online and promoting them is an interesting method to generate bigger sales figures without requiring too much effort.

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Resengo - couple in coffee bar

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