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Our story

For almost 20 years, we have been helping entrepreneurs raise their guests' experience to the highest level. Born from the need for restaurants to make their reservations easier, our mission today is to make the entire operation of restaurants and salons easier. We offer the tools and knowledge so entrepreneurs can thrive in their passion for hospitality. Together we ensure a guest experience that’s worth returning for. 

Dirk Gypen, CEO Resengo
Our Mission

Enabling the best possible guest experience

Restaurants and salons have a lot on their plate. Our mission is to take everything we can off their hands so that entrepreneurs can focus on the well-being of their guests—a perfect combination of intelligent technology and human hospitality.




Countries we operate in

The Customer Success team

The Customer Success team is always ready to answer all your technical questions, whether by phone or via the online ticket system. In addition, they help new customers implement the Resengo system. Our friendly and helpful team members are there to support and assist you with every possible question.

The Sales team

Our Sales Team in Belgium and the Netherlands is dedicated to building and maintaining professional relationships with our customers and helping each business get the perfect product plan for their specific needs. With their unrivalled product and market knowledge, they develop the strategies that make Resengo evolve and contribute to the success of your business.

The Product team

For the Product team, design is key. They are responsible for designing the Resengo platform and making sure it remains user-friendly and stylish. This creative team is always looking for ways to improve and innovate the platform in order to give our users the best possible experience.

The Global & Marketing team

The Global & Marketing team consists of marketing experts who ensure that Resengo is well-positioned in the market and that the Resengo websites remain up-to-date. This team is also responsible for internal and external knowledge sharing, so that all partners and employees always have access to the latest information.

The Development team

Meet Resengo's Development team! They take care of the backend of the Resengo system and are constantly optimising its operation and performance. These skilled and dedicated developers ensure that our platform remains secure, stable and up to the highest standards.

The HR team

The HR team ensures that the right person ends up in the right team and that our employees feel comfortable and supported in their jobs. By creating a healthy working environment and supporting the company's growth, they not only ensure that everything runs smoothly within Resengo, but also that your satisfaction is top priority.

The Management team

The management team, led by CEO Dirk, is responsible for leading Resengo. They set goals and priorities, and create a corporate culture that reflects the company's mission and values. With Resengo's vision in mind, they set all individual teams on the same course, which is to continue developing the perfect booking platform for your business!

The culture of Resengo

Our values represent our culture, the way we work and the goals we set.

We lead by example

Our curiosity and will to innovate help us remain relevant and ahead of today’s competition. 

Here to connect

Our platform enables people to connect easier and faster with the right places in our ecosystem.

Our mindset is growth

We consider challenges and setbacks as opportunities to learn and better our work.

We think customers

All the things we do are in line with helping our customers succeed in the things they aspire to accomplish.

Transparency is our thing

We’re open and honest. Our business culture is straightforward, constructive, and we always do what we say.

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Are you looking for a job where you make a difference for thousands of entrepreneurs day in, day out? Then look no further. We are always looking for talented people to join us. Take a look at our career page.

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