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The Resengo marketing tools help you put your brand in the spotlight. Stand out to new customers and keep the attention of existing ones for longer.

Easy-to-use CRM for customer data
Presence on social media
Share promotions and plan marketing campaigns
Resengo - Ecosystem marketing
Use the Resengo CRM to keep an overview of your customer base
Collect customer data in a handy CRM

Your customer data is worth its weight in gold

Customer data is a source of information that can only help you move forward. Integrate your CRM or start collecting data on your customers today. With that information, you can easily get started with marketing campaigns.

Wish your customers a happy birthday or notify them of special offers.

Smart tools for online marketing

Plan marketing campaigns like an expert

Setting up a marketing campaign becomes easier than ever thanks to the Resengo ecosystem. Set up a campaign and get people to share your message on social media. Send out a message for a special promotion and attract the attention of existing and potential customers.

Resengo: clever online marketing tools

This is how you keep your customers' attention, with Resengo's help

Be present on social media

Your guests have a presence on social media. Make sure you are also where your customers are. That way, you can address them at your convenience.

Make good use of your customer data

Link your CRM or start collecting customer data today. Your customer data is worth its weight in gold for your marketing.

Share promotions and events with customers and followers

Your online presence is all about getting noticed. Share actions and set up campaigns. That way, your brand name will stay fresh in your customers' minds.

Integrate tools you already use

Integrate the platforms and tools you already use. This allows you to see your marketing activities on different platforms and channels in one convenient dashboard.

Discover new marketing tools

Is marketing not your speciality? Resengo is happy to help you with proven methods and tools. Discover new tools and platforms!

Smart marketing at your fingertips

With the Resengo ecosystem, marketing doesn't have to be difficult at all. We provide all the tools you need to get up and running with a few simple actions.

Annick Gevers
Hostess, Café d'O

Resengo is our partner for communication with our guests before and after the visit, for example during the reservation process or with the confirmation and reminder e-mails. Via the comments, guests often pass on essential information or certain questions.

Annick Gevers, hostess of Café d\'O
Joris Bijdendijk
Chef, Rijks

Preventing no-shows is an important aspect that attracted the RIJKS restaurant so much in its collaboration with Resengo. "People, in addition to a reminder email, always get a phone call from us these days"

Restaurant Rijks Amsterdam
Lino and Ward
Managers, Brasserie Keizershof

Thanks to Resengo, our customers can book 24/24 on our website in a user-friendly way. No more picking up phones all day!

Resengo - Keizershof Lino & Ward
Julien Van Espen
Chief Operations Officer, The Huggy’s Bar

The benefits of Resengo's service go beyond simple reservation management: it automatically optimises the occupancy of any burger restaurant.

Julien Van Espen, Huggy\'s Bar

User-friendly marketing tools for your business

Marketing, social media and advertising help you get more visibility and brand awareness. But it's still a business in its own right. With the modern marketing tools in the Resengo ecosystem, you can easily make use of techniques and platforms where your customers can be found

Draw more attention to your business, with Resengo's help. Our online marketing tools are easy to use and ensure good online visibility. So you can focus on the well-being of your guests, while Resengo helps you get more exposure.

Find out how our tools work and how they can help you!

Resengo - friends in a restaurant
Resengo - couple in coffee bar

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