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During the start-up we were still sceptical about the programme, now we never want to be without it again. For me, the most important thing about Resengo is that there are no more surprises during the service, you know exactly what to expect.

Gaethan Suffrys
Brand manager, Pampas

Resengo is our partner for communication with our guests before and after the visit, for example during the reservation process or with the confirmation and reminder e-mails. Via the comments, guests often pass on essential information or certain questions.

Annick Gevers
Hostess, Café d'O

The benefits of Resengo's service go beyond simple reservation management: it automatically optimises the occupancy of any burger restaurant.

Julien Van Espen
Chief Operations Officer, The Huggy’s Bar

Do what you love most. We take care of the rest.

Our Guest Experience platform helps you serve your guests in the best possible way before, during and after their visit. 

The Resengo online reservation system is the best tool on the market. You can easily adjust the modular system to match you needs, wants and workflow.

Stay on top of your communication channels and use your database to inform and inspire your customers.

We enable you to offer the best guest experience, tailored to your restaurant or wellness.

Read and react to customer reviews without leaving the Resengo platform. Manage your reviews in one handy overview and stay on top of what your customers have to say.

With our smart solutions you can easily send a targeted email to your target group, share your promotions via social media and follow up on your marketing campaigns. 

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Give a new impulse to your existing partners 

Connect Resengo to your existing cash register system, personnel planning, email, and web analytics to have a complete picture of your entire place. All in one spot.

Two4One is the perfect platform to highlight your promotions and special deals.
With the QEAT integration, you get a better understanding of your guests and optimise your customer experience!
With the LastMinuteSauna - Resengo integration, you get a second platform to showcase your beauty or wellness centre.
With the Proximus+ integration, you will also appear on the Proximus app and get even more reservations!
Add the \'Book Now\' button on your Facebook page and get more reservations thanks to Resengo\'s integration with Facebook
The Resengo UnTill integration provides a real-time link between Resengo and your POS system
The Resengo - Trivec connection provides complete, real-time integration of your POS system with the Resengo ecosystem
Connect Resengo & the kitchen management system Annoncer now and optimise your efficiency and guest experience!
Culibel is an association that brings hospitality businesses together. With the Resengo-Culibel integration, you enjoy the benefits in one platform.
Alexandre Itschert
Sales Business Development at le Chalet de la Forêt

This is the most complete system on the market. Resengo helps you not only with your reservations, but also with group management, actions against no-shows and visualisation of customer returns.

Benoit Neusy
Chef, Le Domaine d'Arondeau

Resengo is a very complete booking platform. It is very easy to use. At Resengo, they listen to the customer in order to offer appropriate tailor-made solutions.

Nicolas Lejeune
Founder, Barbecue de Jacky

The restaurant business and the hotel and catering industry as a whole are becoming increasingly modern. Digital technology is omnipresent in the daily operations of our restaurants. Resengo is one of our most loyal partners in this respect. The efficiency of their services and the ease of integration and use are a major help in our work. Since the beginning of our collaboration, the percentage of reservations made online has increased steadily, allowing us to save valuable time and focus more on our customers.

Annick Gevers
Hostess, Café d'O

Resengo is our partner for communication with our guests before and after the visit, for example during the reservation process or with the confirmation and reminder e-mails. Via the comments, guests often pass on essential information or certain questions.

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Switch to the best online reservation system, Resengo!

Switch to the best online reservation system

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Choose Resengo as the best online reservation system

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