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6 tips for the perfect Resengo terrace plan

Resengo Team
Resengo team
Image of a terrace as part of Resengo\'s article \'6 tips for the perfect Resengo terrace plan\'. Learn how to create the ideal terrace for your hospitality business with our tips.

With summer approaching, you see your terrace filling up a little more every day. To work with you to make sure the outdoor area in your table plan is fully ready to offer your guests the best experience, we give you some tips for perfecting your terrace.

1. First of all, make sure you have a separate area for your terrace in your table plan!

In your Resengo table plan, you can define much more than just the tables you offer in your business! You can set up zones for several floors, but also a parking zone so that your guests can guarantee their parking space in advance. And yes, you can also enter all the details of your terrace! This way, you always maintain a clear overview for yourself and your guests.

2. Choose whether to let your guests choose their own seats

With the Resengo personalisation zone choice when booking, you can give guests who book online with you the chance to already indicate during booking which zone of your table plan they would like to sit in. By activating this option, you give your guests the chance to reserve a seat on your terrace!

Depending on your own preference, you can also choose to let guests choose a specific table on your terrace during booking. If you prefer not to, you can either manually reserve them at a table, or let the Resengo system do it automatically.

3. Give guests the option to choose the type of table during booking

Define different table types (such as indoor, outdoor, high table, lounge) with the personalisation table type choice when booking and thus give your customers the chance to personalise their visit even more. In addition, this also ensures that people who prefer a high or just a low table for medical reasons, for example, are always sure to have that option.

4. Be prepared for unexpected weather conditions by mirroring your zones

Is the weather forecast fickle? Or do you want to play it safe anyway? With the personalisation zone mirroring, you make sure there is also room inside for your guests who are seated outside. So in case of bad weather, you can let them sit inside!

5. ResQueue to the rescue! Use the Resengo Queue

To make sure you get all the spontaneous guests on your terrace at peak times, we introduce the brand-new feature ResQueue, a queue you can use in your Resengo to register unreserved guests with their mobile number.

When a spot becomes available on your terrace, they will receive a fully automated message telling them they are welcome. This way, you still help everyone find a place on your terrace, without having to put in the effort yourself during the service!

Discover ResQueue and optimise the capacity of your business!

6. Make the terrace itself as pleasant as possible!

Besides making reservations as pleasant as possible, the terrace experience itself is also hugely important, of course!
With these few tips, your terrace will be perfectly prepared for summer:

  • Point your terrace towards the south in the evening so that your guests can continue to enjoy the sun during the later hours.
  • Provide a drinking bowl and water for dogs so that four-legged friends have a refreshing drink to cool off with and also stay calmer towards other guests and dogs.
  • Choose plants that repel insects. For example, lemongrass is known to be a plant that smells deliciously fresh to us, but repels mosquitoes and flies!

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