Sell gift vouchers online on your own website

Do you want to start offering gift vouchers online, but you're not sure how to get started? Resengo makes designing and selling your very own vouchers for your restaurant or wellness easy.

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Sell gift vouchers online via your own website
Gift vouchers in your own webshop

Sell gift vouchers online and make more sales

By offering vouchers on your own website, you increase your sales without any extra work. Resengo makes it easy to sell vouchers through your own webshop, without your customers having to visit your store. 

The Resengo widget is an easy and customer friendly way to offer gift cards to your customers.

Your gift vouchers, without a middleman

Get all the revenue from your vouchers yourself

Sell gift vouchers through your own website, thanks to the integration of the Resengo widget. That way, you don't need an intermediary to claim a portion of your revenue. You sell your own gift cards through your own website and immediately receive 100% of the sales price. You don't even have to wait for the voucher to be used!

Moreover, you can see all the vouchers you have sold in a handy overview in your Resengo dashboard.

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Sell your gift vouchers online
Get rid of the administrative hassle

Gift vouchers without any administration

Do you fear an administrative fiasco associated with your vouchers? No worries! The Resengo voucher module integrates smoothly with your administration and accounting. 

No need to worry about administrative extras, because your vouchers are ready to be included in your administration and bookkeeping right from the start.

Stay on brand and communicate in your own style

You can fully tailor the Resengo voucher to your own taste and corporate identity. You also determine the colour.

Sell gift vouchers with your branding and style

Design your vouchers yourself, in your personal style and matching your brand

Your gift vouchers are fully customisable to your corporate identity and colour scheme. So your guests receive a stylishly personalised voucher that they can use in your business.

Selling vouchers: a piece of cake

Selling gift vouchers is a great way to generate extra revenue and improve the guest experience in your business. 
The online selling of gift vouchers is a great way to increase your offerings to customers, without consuming too much of your time. Make your customers happy and generate more sales, all at the same time!

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Start selling gift vouchers online today

Want to test how many vouchers you can sell through your own website? Try Resengo 30 days for free and discover the many benefits of a complete platform for online reservations and voucher sales.

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