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Offer your customers the most complete guest experience on your website. With the Resengo reservation widget, your customers can quickly make a reservation, order a gift voucher, view the specials or contact you from any page of your website.

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Let guests book a table using the Resengo Widget
Book a table immediately

Book a table using the Resengo widget

Whether your business is open or closed, the Resengo widget lets guests book a table from any page on your website. This way, they don't have to contact you by phone or email. That's easy for your customers, but also for your staff!

With one click, guests choose a date and time. You decide what data you need and how you handle reservations.

Ordering gift vouchers

Sell gift vouchers effortlessly with our widget

Do you offer gift vouchers but find that guests are reluctant to order them? The Resengo widget gives your guests a clear view of the gift vouchers you offer without them having to come to you with their questions.

In the widget, visitors immediately see the possibilities, order a gift voucher in a few clicks and pay immediately.

Sell your gift vouchers online
The Resengo Widget allows your guests to perform numerous actions
More than just reservations

The possibilities of the Resengo widget

The Resengo reservation widget does much more than receive reservations. 

Offer last-minute vacant tables and display your specials of the day on your website. Give your guests the option to pick up meals or have them delivered to their homes.

The widget works for you and takes a lot of time-consuming tasks off your hands.

The Resengo widget fits your branding completely

The Resengo widget can be personalised to blend in with your website's style and colours. This makes the widget part of your website, with your style and colour scheme.

Display your take away products in the online widget on your website

Offer takeaway on your own website

The Resengo widget lets guests order takeaway directly on your own website. This way, you don't lose any commission to external parties and you have full control.

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Treat yourself to the ease of our platform

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