Resengo Widget

The reservation widget
for the perfect guest experience

Make it easy for your guests to place a reservation or order. With the Resengo reservation widget you offer them the most complete online guest experience via your website.

One reservation widget
for a variety of actions

Thanks to the versatility of the Resengo Widget, you can offer your guests a complete online guest experience 24/7. This way you can offer different actions in your widget without providing separate pages on your website. That will save you a lot of work and costs regarding web development. In addition, you can show your guests your complete offer at a glance.

Last minutes, promotions
& special events

Has a space become available in your business at the last minute, or do you have a promotion or special event that you want to highlight for a certain holiday? Then you can offer it with a simple click in your Resengo Widget and make it bookable for your guests. Make your specials even more attractive with a nice photo and description and share them easily on your social media via “share a link”. Guests will be directed to the desired special on your website in the reservation widget.

Very easy to install to make it even easier
for your guests to book and order

You determine the style
and the rules

You can completely personalize the Resengo Widget to your taste and branding. You determine the color yourself, the promos that you offer at the moments you choose and the name that you assign to each of those promos. You are also in charge of the behavior of your reservation widget. You decide how quickly the widget appears on your website and/or if the widget is controlled via direct links on your website.

Get started with
the Resengo Widget

Enjoy the benefits that our features have to offer. The Resengo Widget is very easy to install and offers your guests the most complete online guest experience.