Generate added income with take away

Serve your customers with take away or deliver meals to their homes, even when your restaurant is fully booked or closed. The Resengo take away module helps you easily offer take away in your restaurant.

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Take away widget on your own website
More orders, more sales

Let take away orders flow in smoothly

Automatically generate more sales by offering take away orders. This way you sell more meals during the same service and thus generate more sales.

Take away meals are immediately paid for online while ordering. It is the perfect method to avoid take away no-shows!

The Resengo Widget allows you to receive take away appointments in a clear dashboard.

Let your guests enjoy your delicious cuisine even when there is no room in your restaurant.

Pleasant take away experience

Optimise the customer experience for take away

The Resengo restaurant take away module can be completely set up to offer your guests the best possible experience. Let your guests choose from your entire menu. After that, they choose the time for take away or possibly even home delivery.

Receive your payment immediately through the take away module or let your guests choose payment at pickup or delivery.

Display your take away products in the online widget on your website
Restaurant takeaway module
Keep the overview

One clear dashboard for orders and reservations

Keep an overview of your orders at all times. See at a glance the number of reservations in your business, without losing track of your take away orders.

In the Resengo dashboard, you can easily see what's on your schedule. Serve people in the venue smoothly while not losing track of your take away.

Stay on brand and communicate in your own style

You can completely personalise the Resengo take away to your taste and corporate identity. You even decide the colour.


Offer take away on your own website

The Resengo Widget allows your guests to order take away directly on your own website. This way, you don't lose any commission to external parties and you are in control.

Easily integrate take away into your business

Offering take away is not as invasive as many business owners think. The Resengo ecosystem is designed to take the guest experience in your business to the next level, without you having to compromise.

Effortlessly integrate take away and home delivery into your range of services. This way you will make your guests feel welcome even when they are not physically seated at one of your tables.

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Get started with take away

Want to discover how to easily add take away to your services? With the Resengo take away personalisation you can get started quickly and easily, without compromises!

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