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Give a personal welcome to your guests
Be present from reservation to review
Surprise regular guests with extras
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An optimal guest experience: guided from reservation to review
Be present from reservation to review

Follow the entire guest flow

Smart integration with various tools allows you to track your guests from the reservation to their review. Automatically store information about your guests: their reservations, orders and the times they've visited your establishment. This way, you immediately link their review to their reservation and order.

Keep an overview of feedback and reviews by storing all data in a well-organised way. So you always know which customer and which order it is about! You even know what your guests ate on their previous visit. Top-level service!

Surprise customers with little extras

Share promotions and give discounts whenever you want to

The Resengo CRM gives you an overview of your customer base, the number of visits of each customer and a clear picture of each customer and which ones are regulars. Surprise returning customers with a gift voucher via e-mail or give a discount when it is their third visit, for example.

You choose how and when you want to reward loyal customers with a great guest experience. An unexpected gift will ensure that your loyal customers become fervent fans!

Use the Resengo CRM to keep an overview of your customer base

This is how we create the ultimate guest experience together

Complete guest experience

Your customers' guest experience is an ongoing process that starts before they book with you and continues until long after they have visited you.

Personal welcome

Your customers love a personal touch. Use our links and tools to address your guests personally and follow up on their experiences.

Loyal customers

Returning customers are the best customers. With our tools, you make everyone feel that they are a valuable customer in your business. That way, you will see them back more often!

Link the tools you already use

The Resengo ecosystem integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use to track your contacts. This makes your work more easy and efficient.

Continuous reachability

The Resengo ecosystem for customer experience is based on reachability. With tools like the Resengo inbox and widget, you are always effortlessly reachable.

GDPR proof

Privacy and the protection of personal data is extremely important. Give your customers peace of mind that you handle their data securely.

Julien Van Espen
Chief Operations Officer, The Huggy’s Bar

The benefits of Resengo's service go beyond simple reservation management: it automatically optimises the occupancy of any burger restaurant.

Julien Van Espen, Huggy\'s Bar
Lino and Ward
Managers, Brasserie Keizershof

Thanks to Resengo, our customers can book 24/24 on our website in a user-friendly way. No more picking up phones all day!

Resengo - Keizershof Lino & Ward
Annick Gevers
Hostess, Café d'O

Resengo is our partner for communication with our guests before and after the visit, for example during the reservation process or with the confirmation and reminder e-mails. Via the comments, guests often pass on essential information or certain questions.

Annick Gevers, hostess of Café d\'O
Roland Hogenelst
Entrepreneur La Cubanita

"Resengo is the perfect system for multi-business owners. The various comprehensive chain solutions they offer really take us forward as restaurant operators. More insight into data, more seats occupied, up-to-date referrals to other restaurants within the same chain. In addition, it is superfine to use for the staff in the restaurants. Resengo is just great!"

Resengo - Roland Hogenelst - La Cubanita

Grow your business with Resengo

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of tasks on your daily to-do list. Resengo aims to take over as many tasks from you as possible or make them easier.

This allows you to focus on the well-being of your guests. Your know-how and our smart technology are therefore the perfect combination for the ultimate guest experience.

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