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Switch to the best online reservation system

Switch to the best online reservation system, Resengo!
Some hospitality operators experience inconveniences with their online reservation system. Are you losing control with online booking and is your online booking system not flexible (enough)? Do you feel that online booking gives you less occupancy? Are you losing time and money because of your system, or is online booking not ensuring enough reservations? We show how you can easily solve these issues with the Resengo reservation system.

Control over your online reservations

Are you losing control of your own schedule due to online reservations? Thanks to Resengo Tables, you only make it easier for yourself because your table plan is set according to your own rules. This way, you only decide which times are available and reservations will go straight into your schedule. Thanks to our 20 years of experience and over 4,000 restaurants we work for, from bistro to 3-star restaurant, you can't think of a single rule that can't be configured in Resengo.

Optimise your occupancy

Our ingenious table plan not only follows your rules, it also applies them very cleverly. You decide what kind of guest experience you want to give and Resengo Tables makes sure that this is never compromised.

Flexible reservation system

Reservations don't always come in the way you want them to. You yourself are flexible and know when to accept a particular table and when not to, just to achieve that optimal occupancy anyway. Unfortunately, most reservation systems are not. Resengo, however, distinguishes itself in this area and always thinks along with you.

Transparent Costs

Besides a monthly fee, why pay extra per reservation or per cover? Not only is it expensive and, let's be honest, not really fair, it also means you never know in advance how much a reservation system will cost you. So it is best to opt for a system with a fixed monthly price and a transparent contract. View Resengo's prices here.

Efficient Time Management

In that case, use our Restophone, an answering machine that handles your telephone reservations on your behalf. With Resengo, you can also link with your cash register system so that orders and bills are effortlessly linked to your reservations. Would you rather see at a single glance how many reservations there are for the future and through which channels these reservations are coming in? Then use our Resengo dashboard.

More Reservations!

We have an ingenious table plan for the optimal occupancy of your restaurant. Your tables are automatically booked to accommodate as many customers as possible, taking into account your preferences and rules. When you join Resengo, you also get a free restaurant page on the booking website and a last-minute tool to advertise your available places on your website and social media in one click. All this results in a lot of extra reservations.

“No other company could offer us the ease of use, service and functionalities we have become accustomed to at Resengo. After briefly switching to another booking system, we quickly returned to Resengo. This is the system that really suits us!”

– Iske Tjolle, host of restaurant Mampoko

Allow yourself the ease of Resengo

Try Resengo for free and discover why it is the perfect platform for your business!

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