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Online booking: a boost for your restaurant or wellness business

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In these digital times, it is important that your restaurant or wellness business is easy to find online. In fact, 9 out of 10 internet users have searched the internet before for information on local businesses.

The same survey shows that as many as 3 out of 5 restaurant guests have visited the business' website beforehand. So making your restaurant or wellness business highly visible online is invaluable. Your website thus becomes your establishment's digital billboard from now on. To attract new customers, you need to make this as attractive as possible. The most important feature for your website? Your online reservation module.

Why do your guests care about online reservations ?

Online reservations are available 24/7

An online reservation module ensures that your business can be reached 24/7. Guests like this because they can also contact you outside your establishment's opening hours. More flexibility? More reservations!

Lower the threshold with online reservations

Do you also know the feeling of not wanting to pick up the phone? A lot of customers feel the same way. Especially the youngest generation of Millennials don't like talking to someone over the phone. They prefer not to disturb people and sometimes find talking on the phone uncomfortable. By enabling online booking, you lower the threshold for everyone to get in touch.

Immediate availability is shown

When researching a restaurant to eat out or a wellness to visit, customers usually have a specific date in mind. And no one wants to visit or contact dozens of establishments to ask if a table or service is still available that particular day. Guests are therefore increasingly going online to look for a restaurant or wellness establishment, as there they can sometimes see the availability of the establishment immediately. Booking online is child's play with Resengo!

Digital world

In these modern times, you can make a distinction between the online world and the offline world. At work or at home, people spend most of their time online, where everything moves fast. In contrast, a guest steps into the offline world when he comes to eat at your place. In your establishment, he can unwind for a while. Guests appreciate a personal experience in your establishment, but even more so when everything happens quickly and efficiently prior to their visit. And the great thing is that this can easily be done with online reservations!


Which advantages do you experience as a business?

1. Availability always and everywhere

With your online reservation system, guests can contact you day and night to make a reservation. But not only that! You also have 24/7 access to your reservations. No need to lug a heavy agenda home every time, you have your reservations at hand anytime, anywhere.

2. Fewer no-shows

Did you know that 7 in 10 restaurants deal with guests not showing up several times a month? An online reservation system can help you avoid no-shows. For example, you can send a confirmation and reminder by SMS or e-mail so your guest doesn't forget their appointment. Does the problem persist? Then you can take more drastic measures, such as asking for deposits or a credit card guarantee.

3. Online restaurant reservations: more efficient than "the reservation book"

Many restaurants and wellness businesses are starting to notice that old-fashioned agenda is not very efficient. It is too heavy to lug around everywhere and corrections quickly make the it sloppy. Resengo's online reservation system takes a lot of work off your hands. It is well-organised, accessible everywhere and it takes care of your table setup, among other things!

4. Less phone calls = More time

Consider your online reservation system as your digital hostess. It manages your bookings, communicates with customers and takes new reservations. The tasks you normally leave to an extra staff member can easily be absorbed by your reservation system! You get fewer phone calls, have less work and more time to spend on things you really care about, such as personalised service or exceptional dishes.

5. Get to really know your guests through online reservations

Our reservation system automatically creates a customer database. You can find each customer's client record with all their reservation details. Is your customer's birthday coming up? Does he have allergies? Or is he already coming for a second or third time? The system notifies you so you can provide personalised treatment. Do you need additional information? Then simply add it to your existing client card.

6. 100% real feedback

Many businesses suffer from fake reviews: reviews that are not genuine and can mislead potential guests. It is very important that your reviews are authentic, as 85% of guests highly value online reviews. By requesting reviews through your online booking system, you are 100% sure that your reviews come from people who actually booked with you.

7. Endless possibilities with online reservations

Of course, you can get a lot more out of such a platform. The Resengo reservation system can give you reports on your reservations, for instance. You can also organise your waiting lists, send automatic birthday mailings and even sell gift vouchers online.

Is your business tackling online booking the right way?

An online reservation system clearly offers many advantages. You also contribute to the smooth running of online reservations. Do you want your reservation system to work optimally? First, make sure the online module is clearly visible on your website. Place the module or widget on your homepage or make sure there is a clear "Book" button on every page of your website.

In addition, it is important to publish your reviews. For more than 8 out of 10 people, online feedback is a decisive factor in choosing a restaurant. So don't forget to publish your good reviews. A second advantage of publishing feedback is that it gives your website regular new content. This will help you rank higher in Google's search results!

If possible, also link your reservation module to your social media. That way, you will be found even faster by potential customers and they can make reservations at your establishment right away.

Last but not least: do you want your online reservation system to take over as many of your tasks as possible? Then keep it simple and try not to use both your online system and your book or diary. Collect all necessary data in 1 online booking system to avoid confusion.

Offer your customers a service they want to come back for!

Give your customers a service and experience they'll fall in love with - and a little extra! Our tools make customer service easy, from online booking system to reviews, marketing, communication and much more!

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