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Improve your guest experience with Resengo's queuing tool ResQueue

An image of a queue with guests. This image is used in a Resengo blog about the ResQueue queuing system for hospitality industry.

As a catering operator, providing an exceptional guest experience is the cornerstone of your business. That's why we are excited to introduce our new and groundbreaking tool, ResQueue!

Resengo to the ResQueue!

ResQueue is designed to revolutionise the way you manage reservations and take your guests' satisfaction to new heights.
In this article, we will showcase the key features and benefits of ResQueue. Get ready to improve your guest experience with our exclusive reservation tool!

Make your reservations more convenient

Say goodbye to cumbersome manual booking processes that consume a lot of time and energy. Resengo's advanced reservation system offers a seamless and user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly manage reservations with just a few clicks. With ResQueue, our brand-new digital queue, it is even possible to smoothly accommodate (unexpected) passers-by without a reservation, be it a busy terrace or a trendy restaurant.

How does ResQueue work?

It's as simple as it gets! ResQueue offers two convenient ways to get started with the system:

  • Have your guests register themselves in the queue via a button in the Resengo widget on your website or via a QR code you hang up in your establishment.
  • Have an employee of your establishment register guests, so that an initial contact has already been made and your guests do not have to fill in anything themselves.

When registering on the queue, the guest's name and mobile phone number are requested. This way, you not only expand your customer base, but the ResQueue system can send a confirmation SMS with a link that allows the guest to track approximately how long it will take before a seat becomes available.

When a table is ready for them, guests in the queue are notified via SMS. This gives them the freedom to enjoy their time elsewhere while waiting, without having to physically stand in line. You can choose to have ResQueue fully automatically check which guest fits into the queue for the number of vacant seats and automatically send an SMS.

As soon as a table becomes available, the guest in the queue is notified with a second SMS. This gives them the freedom to spend their time elsewhere in between while waiting, without having to physically stand in the queue.

You can choose to have ResQueue automatically determine which guest qualifies for the available seat (based on number of covers) and automatically send an SMS to that guest. That way, you don't have to focus on your queue at all during service!

A win-win for everyone

ResQueue not only benefits terrace visitors and last-minute guests, but also enables restaurants to optimise their occupancy rates during peak hours. Even if a restaurant does not operate a reservation system, ResQueue enables efficient digital queue management, giving customers the freedom to spend their waiting time productively elsewhere. By using ResQueue, restaurants can maximise table utilisation without disappointing their valued guests.

What can ResQueue help you with?

ResQueue is the perfect solution for busy terraces and fully booked restaurants. However, it also offers a solution in other situations, such as indoor spaces where reservations are not always required, but where a more efficient organisation of occupancy during busy hours is desired. We are currently implementing ResQueue with some pioneers, and soon we will share concrete examples and success stories with you.

Make an appointment with our team

With ResQueue, we respond to two major trends of the moment:

Guests increasingly making last-minute reservations and restaurants struggling with an ever-increasing number of no-shows. If your guest experience is of paramount importance to you, we would like to invite you to make an appointment with our Resengo Experts. They are ready to show you ResQueue's capabilities and help you take your business to an even higher level!

Make an appointment today and let ResQueue help you take your guest experience to the next level.

Want to know if ResQueue is the solution to your queuing problem? Find out in just one minute using our handy decision tree. Answer each question according to your own business.

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