Maximize the occupancy of your establishment

Thanks to ResQueue, waiting queues at your establishment are a thing of the past! Capture walk-ins during peak hours and put them in the digital queue.

ResQueue to the rescue!

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Who is ResQueue for?

If your establishment frequently deals with spontaneous guests and fully booked shifts, ResQueue is the perfect way to ensure a smooth flow of guests

Locations with outdoor seating
Locations with high foot traffic
Cocktail Bars
Locations that don't take reservations

How does ResQueue work?

ResQueue optimizes occupancy, even during fully booked shifts and a large influx of spontaneous guests.
Guests without a reservation are registered in the digital waiting queue with their mobile number and receive an SMS notification when seats become available.
The SMS includes a cancellation link, and the waiting queue is always kept up-to-date.
The system automatically calculates which reservation fits the available seat(s), so you don't have to worry about managing the waiting queue during your shift!
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How does your guest experience ResQueue?

The guest registers for the digital queue
A table becomes available, the guest receives a text message
The guest arrives and is seated at the assigned table

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Is ResQueue right for you?

Want to find out if ResQueue is the solution for your waiting queue problem? Discover it in just one minute using our handy flowchart. Answer each question based on your own business.

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