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A no-show is never fun

Resengo has proven solutions to reduce no-shows in your business.

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Bert Suffys
CEO, Pampas Rodizio

During the start-up we were still sceptical about the program, now we never want to be without it again. For me, the most important thing about Resengo is that there are no more surprises during the service, you know exactly what to expect.

Pampas Group Resengo
Annick Gevers
Hostess, Café d'O

Resengo is our partner for communication with our guests before and after the visit, for example during the reservation process or with the confirmation and reminder e-mails. Via the comments, guests often pass on essential information or certain questions.

Annick Gevers, hostess of Café d\'O
Joris Bijdendijk
Chef, Rijks

We have a very lenient cancellation policy and if guests have to cancel, for example at Christmas or due to illness, and we can still fill the table, they simply get their deposit back.

Restaurant Rijks Amsterdam
Benoit Neusy
Chef, Le Domaine d'Arondeau

Resengo is a very complete booking platform. It is very easy to use. At Resengo, they listen to the customer in order to offer appropriate tailor-made solutions.

Resengo - Domaine d\'Arondeau - Benoït Neusy

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Restaurants and other hospitality businesses face no-shows every day.

Guests who don't show up can throw a spanner in the works and cause many headaches. Your staff is scheduled and your ingredients are ready, but the table remains empty.

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Deposits, credit card guarantee or ticket sale against no-shows

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