Manage reservations smoothly with Resengo

Resengo's online reservation system quickly does away with phone calls, yellow post-its and outdated techniques. Let your guests make reservations even when your business is closed.

Receive and manage reservations online
Access to the Resengo B2C platform
The Resengo reservation widget on your own website
Resengo - Ecosystem reservations
Clear reservation management with Timeline and Table Plan
Convenient reservation management

Keep an overview of your service

The Resengo ecosystem lets you easily receive reservations via the Resengo widget. You can view all reservations in one clear dashboard. Reduce the number of reservations over the phone and offer your guests modern ways to make appointments.

Keep an overview before, during and after service. See all your reservations at a glance, optimise occupancy and schedule your staff as needed.

Stay on brand and communicate in your own style

You can fully tailor the Resengo voucher to your own taste and corporate identity. You also determine the colour.

Available 24/7 thanks to the reservation widget

Implement the useful Resengo widget on your website

The Resengo widget is an easy and user-friendly way for your guests to make a reservation or perform other actions on your website, without you having to invest any time or effort.

Our widget is available to your guests 24/7. This way, they can easily book an appointment or a table in your establishment, even when you are not present yourself.

The Resengo Widget allows your guests to perform numerous actions

Effortlessly receive reservations

Connect your online reservation system with various other platforms

Take advantage of a wide range of online booking platforms. Link services such as Facebook, Google or Instagram to let your guests schedule an appointment right away.

Link the tools you already use

Do you already use certain services to organise your checkout system or social media flow? Resengo integrates seamlessly with many POS systems and tools that help your business move forward.

Always be reachable

Your website is always accessible, even when you are not there. With a user-friendly widget, your guests can always reach you.

Advanced table management

Our smart online booking system allows you to fill up your tables, without overbooking or empty tables.

Smart staff planning

View your reservations at a glance and adjust your staff planning according to the expected workload.

Offer last-minute tables

Is your service not completely sold out? In a few clicks, share a message on social media to fill that last table as well.

Roland Hogenelst
Entrepreneur La Cubanita

"Resengo is the perfect system for multi-business owners. The various comprehensive chain solutions they offer really take us forward as restaurant operators. More insight into data, more seats occupied, up-to-date referrals to other restaurants within the same chain. In addition, it is superfine to use for the staff in the restaurants. Resengo is just great!"

Resengo - Roland Hogenelst - La Cubanita
Bert Suffys
CEO, Pampas Rodizio

During the start-up we were still sceptical about the program, now we never want to be without it again. For me, the most important thing about Resengo is that there are no more surprises during the service, you know exactly what to expect.

Pampas Group Resengo
Joris Bijdendijk
Chef, Rijks

Preventing no-shows is an important aspect that attracted the RIJKS restaurant so much in its collaboration with Resengo. "People, in addition to a reminder email, always get a phone call from us these days"

Restaurant Rijks Amsterdam
Alexandre Itschert
Sales Business Development at le Chalet de la Forêt

This is the most complete system on the market. Resengo helps you not only with your reservations, but also with group management, actions against no-shows and visualisation of customer returns.

Alexandra Itschert - Le chalet de la forêt
Julien Van Espen
Chief Operations Officer, The Huggy’s Bar

The benefits of Resengo's service go beyond simple reservation management: it automatically optimises the occupancy of any burger restaurant.

Julien Van Espen, Huggy\'s Bar

Better planning and flow with Resengo

The Resengo ecosystem is designed to keep your business running optimally. Book maximum tables with minimum effort. Resengo aims to relieve you of as many tasks as possible. 

This way, you can focus on your passion while our systems optimise your planning. Your passion and drive, complemented by Resengo's intelligent online reservation system: a match made in heaven!

Discover how Resengo works for you.

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Resengo - couple in coffee bar

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