How does Resengo work and how do you start your free trial?

Are you curious about the Resengo platform? Would you like to know how our reservation and communication solutions work?

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Free Resengo trial in 4 steps

Our experts will guide you through the entire process!

Request your trial

Request your free 30 day trial via our contact form. Answer a couple of questions about your business so we can get a good picture of your needs and wants.

Create your account with our consultants

Because every business is different, Resengo offers a lot of custom solutions for a wide range of companies. Our consultants help you all the way through the initial set-up of your trial.

Free 30 day trial

During your free 30 day trial, you can use all of our platform’s features and functionalities. This will give you a clear picture of all of its possibilities, and lets you explore freely which tools you need.

Start at the beginning and grow

At the end of your free trial, you choose which features you need and want to keep using. You’ll only pay for the tools you need, and you can expand your subscription at any time.

Resengo grows  with your business

A tailor-made solution for your business

More than 100

tools for entrepreneurs

Create your own custom package

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How does the Resengo points system work?

We at Resengo believe you only need to pay for the tools you’re actually using. That’s why we came up with the points system. Our points system offers you the possibility to decide for yourself which modules you’d like to use for your business. In the Professional package, you can divide 50 points across several modules. Our Ultimate package gives you access to an unlimited number of points that you can use to add modules to your system.


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