Resengo Inbox makes customer communication easy

With Resengo Inbox you no longer have to switch between your mailbox, review websites and booking platform. The inbox bundles all your incoming messages, reviews and reservations in 1 tool. From that tool you can respond quickly and confirm your reservations in a few clicks.

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Resengo Inbox gives you insight and overview at a glance
One inbox for all your messages

Receive messages and respond immediately

The Resengo Inbox collects all your messages in one convenient, central overview. You receive a notification for mails and reservations in your Inbox. So you can respond or confirm immediately and schedule the reservation in your calendar.

No more switching between different platforms to keep an overview of your customer communication!

Manage reviews

View, manage and respond to reviews immediately

Reviews also arrive in your Inbox. Respond to each review quickly and appropriately, so your guests immediately know that their opinion counts and that they are valuable to your business.

You no longer have to search for reviews and ratings from guests. Reviews can also be quickly shared via social media or published on your own website.


Receive honest reviews from guests and respond immediately
Resengo Inbox: Provide one clear answer for recurring questions!
Respond quickly with standard answers

Provide one clear answer for recurring questions!

Do you often receive the same questions? Write one clear answer to frequently asked questions. That way, you will always have a standard answer ready as soon as the same question comes in again.

Offer your customers excellent service, without much effort!

Bundle all communication in one Inbox

Inbox makes customer communication easy

The Resengo Inbox features an integrated calendar, which makes it easy to keep track of orders and reservations. The Inbox also includes a handy filter function that lets you filter your messages by the service you want.

From now on, you no longer have to juggle apps and tabs. The Inbox bundles all your customer communication in one handy tool. Manage your messages, reservation requests and reviews in one tool. 

This allows you and your team to respond faster when needed, without wasting too much time.

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Get started with the Inbox

Do you want to refine your customer communication and outsource or automate a lot of extra tasks? The Resengo ecosystem has all the tools you need to run your business worry-free.

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