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The best guest experience is a sum of events. We help you communicate efficiently and personally whenever a guest wants to contact you. Or the other way around. 

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Alexandre Itschert
Sales Business Development at le Chalet de la Forêt

This is the most complete system on the market. Resengo helps you not only with your reservations, but also with group management, actions against no-shows and visualisation of customer returns.

Lino and Ward
Managers, Brasserie Keizershof

Thanks to Resengo, our customers can book 24/24 on our website in a user-friendly way. No more picking up phones all day!

Nicolas Lejeune
Founder, Barbecue de Jacky

The restaurant business and the hotel and catering industry as a whole are becoming increasingly modern. Digital technology is omnipresent in the daily operations of our restaurants. Resengo is one of our most loyal partners in this respect. The efficiency of their services and the ease of integration and use are a major help in our work. Since the beginning of our collaboration, the percentage of reservations made online has increased steadily, allowing us to save valuable time and focus more on our customers.

Roland Hogenelst
Entrepreneur La Cubanita

"Resengo is the system for multi-business owners. The various comprehensive chain solutions they offer really take us forward as restaurant operators. More insight into data, more seats occupied, up-to-date referrals to other restaurants within the same chain. In addition, it is superfine to use for the staff in the restaurants. Resengo is just great!"

Personal from booking to review and beyond

Add flavour to your communication, personalise your messaging and automate all confirmations. This way, you build and maintain better relationships with your guests without much effort.

Improve table occupancy with Resengo

Honest and fair reviews

Manage, respond and learn from reviews you get from your guests. Easily share them on the channels you like and make sure more people find your restaurant.

The curtain falls for no-shows

Have your guests pay a small amount in advance to confirm the reservation. Ensure to minimise the number of no-shows and serve a full place of satisfied guests.

Stay perfectly in control, even during hectic days

One simple solution for all complicated preferences. Welcome everyone as if you have known them for years. Even if you are just starting.

Give a new impulse to your existing guests 

Connect Resengo to your existing cash register system, personnel planning, email, and web analytics to have a complete picture of your entire place. All in one spot.

Resengo & AreTheyHappy
Resengo & Bistronomie
Connect Resengo & the kitchen management system Annoncer now and optimise your efficiency and guest experience!
The Resengo UnTill integration provides a real-time link between Resengo and your POS system
The Resengo integration with MplusKASSA forms a real-time link between your POS system and the Resengo dashboard
With the QEAT integration, you get a better understanding of your guests and optimise your customer experience!
With the LastMinuteSauna - Resengo integration, you get a second platform to showcase your beauty or wellness centre.
Two4One is the perfect platform to highlight your promotions and special deals.
The Resengo - Trivec connection provides complete, real-time integration of your POS system with the Resengo ecosystem

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A complete Guest Experience

The experience of your guests is a continuous process. We maintain relationships so that all your guests keep coming back.

Advanced Table Occupation

The easiest yet most advanced solution on the market. Try it and see the difference instantly.


Guests love a personal welcome. Together we provide a welcoming feeling during every step of the customer experience.


Regulars are worth gold. We help you treat every guest as a regular, even if you're just getting started. 


It's easy to get lost in providers, partners and suppliers. We help you to work from one easy-to-use platform. 

GDPR proof

Privacy is more important than ever, so we spend more time on it than ever. Everything is safe for you and your guests.

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Switch to the best online reservation system

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