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Optimise your occupation, personalise your guests' arrival, and take your marketing to the next level, all with one easy solution. 

Clear appointment management for beauty and wellness

Relax, Resengo takes care of you and 3895 other beauty salons. 

From reservations, packages and last minutes, to the cash register and bookkeeping. With Resengo we manage all this for all our branches in one clear system.

Werner Thomassen
Zaakvoerder saunas Atlantis, Nirvana en Pure

Our most soothing tools according to wellness and beauty salons


Manage your bookings and treatments all in one place. Allow your guests to pick 
the times themselves.


Make sure you always have room for last minutes and easily inform your guests about it.

Integrate with booking platforms

Integrate well-known booking 
channels with our platform to ensure 
the best occupancy.

Nail stylist takes care of a customer\'s hands
Guest Experience 

An unwinding experience starts with a relaxed service 

An unwinding experience starts with a serene service 
We help you pamper your guests before, during and after your treatment. Give them the ultimate carefree service and help them unwind from all hustle and bustle. 

Maximum occupancy

Get crystal clear insights to welcome more guests

We help you optimize your occupancy without compromising on the quality of your service.


Online appointment management for beauty and wellness
Easily manage appointments in your beauty salon

Nothing beats the pleasure of returning guests

Get to know your guests so you can give them precisely the treatment they need. Build better relationships with our easy-to-use tools. 


Take it easy, take Resengo

We help you to work smarter. Not harder. 

Give a new impulse to your existing partners 

Connect Resengo to your existing cash register system, personnel planning, email, and web analytics to have a complete picture of your entire place. All in one spot.

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Comfort yourself with tools suitable for your place

Beauty salon

The better you can focus on your service, the happier your guests will be. Let us take care of your reservations and agenda so you can focus on offering them the best possible treatments. 

Wellness Centre

We understand your guests visit you to immerse themselves in the most relaxed environment. Try Resengo, and we make sure the soothing starts way before the reservation begins. 


Work out, get fit, and choose Resengo. That’s the only way you and your location will get the most out of yourselves. We help you remain healthy in all operational aspects. Let’s get it going! 


Offer the same vibe and service for all your different locations. Resengo is here to help. Use our intelligent tools to make your business smarter. 

Werner Thomassen
Manager of saunas Atlantis, Nirvana and Pure

From reservations, packages and last minutes, to the cash register and bookkeeping. With Resengo we manage all this for all our branches in one clear system.

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Easily manage appointments as a nail stylist

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