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We at Resengo believe you have the talent and ambition to keep growing!

Our mission entails that we believe that everyone in our ecosystem has the talent to achieve their ambitions: professional growth, expanding their skill sets, becoming an expert, and more. As such, our human-centred organisation is keen to play its part in that.

As a team, we commit ourselves to supporting our customers in a digital world that is not their core business but is nonetheless a core aspect of their business. We all do this from our own fields of knowledge, mutually supporting each other.

Resengo’s company culture is based on 5 central values: involvement, openness, ambition, reliability and authenticity. These are no empty concepts, but values that our teams live and breathe.

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A few good reasons to come work for us!


You end up in a diverse team where each colleague contributes according to their qualities and strengths. We learn and grow every day. Or, in the words of a colleague: “Every day, I encounter something I didn’t know before.”

Be part of a company in change

At Resengo, we have ambitions – sky-high ambitions. Our scale-up pays attention to innovation, optimisation and automation. Our goal? To automate all routine work so that there’s room for creativity. By continuously questioning ourselves, we keep evolving. To do this, we use modern tools and technologies.

Combined Shape


Our employees are our most important assets. Our inclusive culture, which lets people grow both as human beings and as colleagues, is the foundation for this. When things get tough, we engage our company-coach to help.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Resengo is a standard-bearer of the DEI values: diversity, equity and inclusion. We treat everyone with respect and in accordance with our values, no matter their background, lifestyle or identity. We believe in equal opportunities for all.

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A great experience for every guest

Restaurant and salon owners have endless to-do lists. Our mission is to take repetitive tasks off their hands to that they can focus on the well-being of their guests. We offer a perfect combination of intelligent technology and human hospitality.

The Resengo culture

At Resengo, we greatly value our company culture, our work with visible added value, and clear goals.

Innovative at the core

We aim for progress and innovation. As such, we remain relevant in a continuously changing world. Our curiosity and will to innovate help us remain relevant and ahead of today's competition. 

Find your own path within Resengo

We make sure you get a warm welcome and initial, personalised job training. Afterwards, there are more possibilities for personal and professional development. We don’t use standard procedures, but we map out individual growth paths.

Growth mindset

At Resengo, “I can’t do this” becomes “I can’t do this YET”. Not a day passes where we don’t learn something new. Achieving your goals comes with its ups and downs. There is room for both at Resengo.

Involvement is key

Whether it comes to colleagues or customers, our work starts from a sense of involvement. We keep in mind our mission to help them achieve their ambitions from our positions of authenticity and expertise.

Feedback culture

Communication is key in our organisation. Feedback is given both horizontally and vertically, and is a crucial part of our ability to grow. We do so while remaining mindful of our values, and do so in a personalised manner. 

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