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Communication is key. Good customer contact makes your customers feel that you are really listening to them and that they are warmly welcomed.

One dashboard for all communications
Respond quickly to every contact
Communicate about promotions, free spots and more
Resengo - Ecosystem communication
Resengo Inbox gives you insight and overview at a glance
1 dashboard for all your communications

Keep in touch with the Resengo Inbox

The Resengo Inbox collects emails, messages, reviews and more communication in one convenient place. So you only need the Inbox dashboard to see what's happening with your brand.

Respond to emails and personal messages. Manage reviews from different platforms, all from one tool!

Communicate smoothly with the outside world

Link all your communication channels

A free table, a promotion for Mother's Day or a Valentine's special? Easily communicate what is going on in your business. Share actions on social media or send a discount coupon to your loyal customers.

The Resengo ecosystem offers you an easy platform to keep in touch with followers, customers and fans.

Communicate smoothly and link all your services with Resengo

Go for top-level customer contact

Integrate tools you already use

The Resengo platform is designed to easily integrate with tools you already use. Work with our partners to take your customer contact to the next level.

Discover new platforms for communication

Move from old-fashioned platforms for communication to modern digital solutions. With the Resengo ecosystem, you easily integrate new and innovative customer communication techniques.

Guarantee privacy for your customers

Resengo and all its integrations are GDPR proof. This way, you can guarantee your customers that you handle their personal data with discretion.

A smart inbox for all your communications

The Resengo Inbox is a modern tool that bundles all your communications in one dashboard. This way, you no longer have to click back and forth between different websites and platforms.

Personal contact

Customers love personal attention. Make them feel that you are communicating with them alone by using your unique house style and personal messages.

Confirm reservations with a personal touch

Use confirmation emails or send a personalised text message to confirm a reservation. Give your customers a warm and welcoming feeling even before they step inside your premises.

Joris Bijdendijk
Chef, Rijks

Preventing no-shows is an important aspect that attracted the RIJKS restaurant so much in its collaboration with Resengo. "People, in addition to a reminder email, always get a phone call from us these days"

Restaurant Rijks Amsterdam
Annick Gevers
Hostess, Café d'O

Resengo is our partner for communication with our guests before and after the visit, for example during the reservation process or with the confirmation and reminder e-mails. Via the comments, guests often pass on essential information or certain questions.

Annick Gevers, hostess of Café d\'O
Werner Thomassen
Manager of saunas Atlantis, Nirvana and Pure

From reservations, packages and last minutes, to the cash register and bookkeeping. With Resengo we manage all this for all our branches in one clear system.

Resengo - Atlantis - Werner Thomassen
Ivan Verhelle
Chef and manager, Tanuki

Working with Resengo, gives peace of mind! Everything works as it should and I can keep my focus on the kitchen!


(Always feel safe with Resengo)

Tanuki Resengo

Keep a finger on the pulse with Resengo

Don't let contact with your customers go cold after their visit. Keep a finger on the pulse and follow up on your customers' visits. With Resengo's communication tools, you can easily send messages to new customers and returning ones.

The Resengo platform helps you optimise your workflow and maintain good contact with your customers, without having to put in too much effort.

Discover how Resengo works for your business.

Resengo - friends in a restaurant
Resengo - couple in coffee bar

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