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Frequently asked questions

Would you like to enjoy the all-in Resengo platform, but you still have some questions about its possibilities? Read the most frequently asked questions about Resengo here.

With Resengo, it’s you who decides which features are the best fit for you and your business. We deliver the customised software, and you can also count on our expertise when you’re choosing the right tools and features. In this way, you’re only paying for the features you’re actually using.

Resengo is Europe’s leading specialist in online reservation systems. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs with our custom solutions. By the way,

switching to Resengo isn’t difficult at all!

With Resengo, you choose which plan fits you best. You can choose from a contract you can cancel on a monthly or yearly basis.

Take a look at our price packages.



With Resengo, you can choose from a premium list of payment providers. 

  • Mollie (Ingenico, Ayden)
  • iDeal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bancontact
  • Paypal
  • And more!

Transaction costs depend on the payment provider you choose.


You can always ask Resengo!

Not a Resengo customer yet? Get in touch with our consultants or take a look at previously posed questions in the Resengo Community. Our support team can also be reached by phone during office hours.

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Switching to Resengo is very easy.

Starting today, you’ll be using the best reservation platform that currently exists. Are you switching from another system? Our experts are delighted to help you transfer your  databases and reservations. At Resengo, we go for a pleasant and worry-free customer experience – you’ll surely notice that at each step of the onboarding process.


Resengo is a specialist when it comes down to exceptions to the rule. As such, we take into account businesses that are only open during a certain season or across a certain period. Not only does Resengo come systematically and technically equipped for seasonal enterprises, we also offer short-term contracts, e.g. on a monthly basis.

Try out Resengo for free for 30 days.



That’s not a problem at all. You don’t have to be a tech superhero to start using Resengo. The Resengo system is very user-friendly. In addition, we like to take the time to train you in its various features and possibilities.


Resengo’s ecosystem is very extensive and will astound you with all of its possibilities. It’s a total solution for online reservations, but also offers marketing, communication, guest experience and online review management tools. Resengo offers you all the tools you need within different segments: hospitality, beauty, wellness, retail, sports and fashion.

The Resengo ecosystem is easy to adapt to your wishes, both in terms of features as well as branding and personalisation. At any time, you can change your system to your needs and wants. You can toggle each feature on or off (temporarily or definitively), for instance. In addition, Resengo comes full of personalisation options to give all your tools, forms, vouchers and the widget the styling and looks that fit your business identity.


Resengo is available in 5 languages: Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.


In your Resengo Admin, it’s you who decides who gets certain rights within your system. For instance, in most cases, you will be the administrator. Colleagues can  get their own accounts with restricted rights, which you determine yourself.


At Resengo, we use volume discounts. Are you using Resengo for several businesses? Then you’ll pay a lower fee for additional accounts. In addition, Resengo has been designed for restaurant chains and companies with multiple subsidiaries. We offer custom solutions for chains and provide you with good solutions for optimal capacity management and reservation management across several locations. Speak with one of our experts to discover how we can be of service to you.

Resengo collaborates with dozens of partners. These partners make sure that we can expand our ecosystem with extra features. We work together with register developers, social media partners, partners for employee planning, additional booking channels and marketing partners.

Yes. Each month, the consumer platform generates over 1.5 million reservations at all the different businesses that use Resengo. Reservations made through our consumer platform are free. We don’t charge extra costs per table setting. On top of that, you can manage, edit and personalise your company profile on yourself.



Yes: the Resengo referral partner programme. Recommend Resengo to your customers or colleagues as the ideal solution for online reservations. When someone referred by you becomes a Resengo customer, you will get a bonus.




Yes. You can try Resengo for free during a 30 day trial. If needed, we can plan a personalised demo with one of our consultants. That way, you can discover the system, no strings attached. Would you like to get to work yourself with our free trial? Then you can easily personalise all settings in the Resengo Admin yourself. 

Discover here how Resengo’s free trial works.

Yes. You can alter or cancel your Resengo subscription at any time. 

Take a look at our prices and contract types.

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