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Use data to improve your customers’ experience

Resengo Team
Resengo team
Improving customer experience using data?

Resengo and Hogeschool Odisee joined forces to enhance customer experience

In a world where more and more processes are being automated, customers notice they are constantly receiving bulk e-mail. Ironically, customers themselves greatly value a more personal approach. Improving this customer experience is something you can do by efficiently using your guests’ data. Enhancing their experiences with data is a vital way to attach your customers to your brand.

Merely using your own intuition and experience is no longer enough. Improving customer experience with data has already had a positive impact on companies’ success. As such, data also plays an important role in the hospitality sector. Apart from the increased role data has begun playing, their accessibility has luckily also been improving. 

Odisee College worked on a research project that aimed to show hospitality entrepreneurs how they can make use of data to achieve that personalised guest experience. The main aim of this optimization was to turn patrons into returning guests.   

We at Resengo were a proud partner of Hogeschool Odisee in this project. Together, we took a look at new possibilities to enable an improvement of the customer experience. We did not just do this through theory, but also through successful use cases. These cases cast a good light on which data play a great role in enhancing guest experience, how you can collect this data and, above all, which potential actions resulted from them.

Would you like to get more information about our customer experience research? Get in touch with Hogeschool Odisee’s Katja Verbeeck or Saskia Vanden Eede.

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