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Telephone booking with our Restophone 2.0

Determine your restaurant\'s cancellation policy and advance payments with Resengo

When you offer online booking, you immediately notice that you receive fewer calls per day. Yet not every customer has found their way to the world wide web. Is your phone still ringing red hot during opening hours? Or do guests seem to call you constantly on days off? Then our Restophone comes to your rescue!

Our experience in the hospitality industry tells us that restaurant staff still often have to make phone calls. Especially during the busy evening shifts, a lot of people call for a reservation request. For this reason, we proudly present our newest feature: the Restophone 2.0.

Resengo's Restophone is an answering machine that handles your telephone reservations on your behalf. The reservations taken by this Restophone are placed directly into your Resengo system. This leaves you with less work and more time to devote to your guests and business!

How exactly does it work?

Virtual assistance

If someone calls your business and the Restophone is switched on, your guest will be connected to your Restophone. This intelligent system asks your guest specific questions and handles the reservation fully automatically based on the numbers on the keypad.

Reservations in Resengo

The digital assistant asks your guests for a date, an arrival time and the number of guests. It then checks availability in your Resengo reservation system. Is there still a table available? Then it accepts the reservation and places it directly into Resengo!

If your guest wishes to change or cancel a reservation, or provide other information: the Restophone 2.0. knows how to handle it! An additional advantage is that guests can also reach you by text message, all directly integrated into your Resengo Tables.

Test it out!

Curious about what questions are asked and how it works? Try it out yourself now and call +3246 02 13 664 !

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