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Show the direct availability of your take away restaurant

Resengo Team
Resengo team
Show the availability of your restaurant with Resengo

As a restaurant these days, you almost can't do without: takeaway and delivery meals. But which websites do you use as a take away restaurant to display your products and availability? Because the choice is vast, as we at Resengo know better than anyone. Don't worry, at Resengo we have something new! Our new take away and delivery finder shows the availability of the entire menu. 

Resengo supports this with an optimised takeaway and delivery module. This allows you to easily sell more meals, put the guest experience first and easily reach a larger range of customers. Sounds good, right? An additional advantage is that the dishes offered through the module are also bundled on Thanks to the new search function, consumers can thus always find the immediate availability of the takeaway and delivery selection.

Wide range of takeaway restaurants through

Through our restaurant finder, consumers can use the real-time availability of more than 4,000 restaurants. The pandemic has taught us at least one thing: takeaway restaurants remain a big part of customer needs. Through, customers can easily check the availability of their favourite takeaway and delivery options. Lockdown or no lockdown: customers can therefore easily find what you offer when they are looking for their favourite takeaway meal. 


More visibility and reach for your takeaway restaurant

Whether you only use takeaway temporarily or whether you switch completely to takeaway: a place where customers can find your products is extremely important. With around 1.45 million consumers using Resengo, we have one of the largest and fastest growing reservation platforms in the Benelux. With thousands of unique visits per month on, having your own page with your personal offer is therefore a great springboard for more visibility and a greater reach to new customers. 


Free and without commission: dedicated to take away restaurants

Are you currently already a Resengo customer? If so, you will automatically get your own page on for free: the page where customers can find their favourite takeaway restaurants. And a nice bonus: Resengo is a commission-free platform. So you will never be charged extra. Every euro spent on your dishes will also be paid out to you. How nice is that?

Enjoy Resengo's takeaway and delivery module and many more benefits by starting with Resengo now!

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