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Resengo says no to fake reviews

Resengo says no to fake reviews

Fake reviews are a new phenomenon. Negative feedback is never fun to get, especially from people who have never even visited your establishment. With Resengo, you are one step ahead of those fake reviews and you can fully focus on the satisfaction of guests who do visit your establishment.

Guests who give negative feedback have always been there and everyone has the right to their own opinion. But fake reviews are a completely new phenomenon. People give negative feedback as a means of blackmail or threat or for their own gain. Some even go so far as to make calls on social media to boycott a catering establishment. This way, guests want to obtain that they have to pay less or be able to get more benefits.

Negative restaurant reviews on Van Gils & Gasten

During the 2018 broadcast of the programme Van Gils & Gasten, Gina Miurin, hostess of the Hofke van Bazel, gave an example of fake restaurant reviews. A man made a late booking cancellation, but did not agree that his deposit was withheld. When it turned out that the man would not get his deposit back, he posted on Facebook "It's been a long time since we have been treated so disrespectfully. We will never come back here again." even though this person had not even been in the business.

Matthias de Caluwe, CEO of Horeca Vlaanderen, agreed with the trend, which has intensified since the summer of 2018. He stressed the danger of this trend, as using social media as blackmail can lead to image damage and, as a result, bankruptcies.

Only honest reviews with Resengo

Resengo wants to join all restaurant operators in filing a complaint against this blackmail with fake reviews. Therefore, it is also important to let it be known that Resengo has been turning a heel against fake reviews for years. In fact, giving feedback through Resengo is only possible if guests have actually booked. Even if your guests cancel their reservation or don't show up, they won't get access to leave feedback and thus write a review. So your review on cannot be manipulated. 

In addition, you decide which feedback you prefer to keep internal (for the improvement of your business) and which you want to make public. Even more convenient is the link you can implement between Resengo and Facebook, which allows you to publish positive and negative feedback automatically, manually or automatically on your Facebook page.

Full focus on guest experience

As a hospitality company, your main goal is to keep your guests happy. Receiving positive restaurant reviews is nice, but it is not your main goal. Therefore, focus on your guests and deliver a unique guest experience. Those positive and honest reviews are guaranteed to follow! Should you still receive negative restaurant reviews? Look at it as an opportunity to grow and take your business to the next level.


Do you want 100% honest reviews only? Then Resengo is your ideal reservation partner. Become a customer today and enjoy a multitude of benefits right away.

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