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Resengo's table plan has numerous advantages for your business

An image of what the Resengo Table Plan looks like in practice on a laptop.

Would you like to be able to check your restaurant’s seat availability anywhere and at any time? Do you want to have the option to write down reservations at any location? And is that why you keep carrying your reservation book with you everywhere?

You can avoid a lot of these inconveniences with a digital seating plan that comes with a reliable online reservation system. Still, a lot of restaurant managers find it hard to leave their trusty reservation book at home, so we’re listing the advantages of considering a digital seating plan here. 

1. Calculate your seating planning effortlessly without your reservation book

A lot of restaurant managers put their seating plan to paper in their reservation book every day to figure out their seating planning. With Resengo’s digital seating plan, you no longer have to do this work yourself. An online reservation system optimises your restaurant’s seating capacity and allocates reservations to tables automatically. However, you’re in charge of the rules! You decide which tables can be joined, in what order your tables are to be filled and when the system is allowed to double book a table.

2. Full control over your seating plan

Your tables are filled automatically, according to your rules. But would you like to maintain tight control yourself? No problem! You can have Resengo switch guests to other tables easily. With one click, you can also remove table allocations to  manually appoint reservations to the right tables.

3. Double booking tables in the blink of an eye

Are you sometimes stuck laying out the puzzle of your tables and opening hours? Is it standard procedure for you to double book tables? When you’re working with an online reservation system, no more calculations are necessary! Resengo Tables calculates which tables can be booked a second or even a third time, based on your rules. You will also easily see which tables have been booked twice and how much time remains before the next guests arrive.

4. Fewer phone calls

Do you already have a Resengo online reservation system with a digital seating plan? Then you are not the only one who can slot in reservations, edit them or cancel them. From now on, your customers can book a table online themselves. It’s best to put your reservation module on a prominent spot on your website, so that patrons can reserve quickly. The more reservations are booked online, the fewer phone calls you’ll need to answer. So, leave the work to your guests!

5. Available anywhere and at any time with your seating plan

Resengo Tables is available on every digital device. As such, you can consult it anywhere and at any time. It’s also convenient that your seating plan can be viewed on several devices at once. In this way, you and your colleagues are always up to date about the status of your reservations.

6. A clear overview of different rooms

Do you run a large restaurant or is your business divided into several rooms? With Resengo, you keep a clear overview of your different spaces. Tables upstairs, downstairs or outside are visible all at once. You can slot in reservations for a particular room immediately, or you can even keep double booked tables free: one outside and one inside. If needed, you can let your patrons decide online whether they want to book a spot on your terrace or inside.

7. Less work for your floor staff

Resengo Tables offers a convenient and visual representation of your reservations. When your guests arrive at the restaurant, your staff will know exactly which tables they’ll need to escort them to. The seating plan also shows their reservation status. This means you can see which guests have already arrived, who is late and who has already left. This makes sure you’ll have a useful guest list, too!

8. Real-time reservation management

Resengo shows your available seats in real-time. If a patron makes an online reservation at home, you’ll see it show up immediately on your seating plan. As such, you’re always 100% sure of your capacity. This real-time information works in reverse as well – if you upload a new reservation through the seating plan or if you mark a table as occupied by a walk-in patron, this table can no longer be booked online.

9. Optimise how you use your customer data

With an online seating plan, you’re also maintaining a digital record of your customer data. Your seating plan shows you which guests have visited your business before. An online booking system like Resengo Tables can also be linked to other software applications, such as the Lightspeed register system. This allows you to learn quite a bit. For instance, you can keep track of which patron prefers which table, what menu items your guests like and how much each guest is spending. This information is invaluable when they make their next visit! 

10. A plethora of options

You can find a lot more information about your guests in your online reservation system. Who’s coming in with a voucher? Which guests have re-confirmed their visit? Did someone not show up? Who hasn’t paid their advance yet? The options are limitless!

Get to work with Resengo tables and make a digital seating plan, which allows you to leave behind your reservation book.

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