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Discover solutions to your guests' frustrations

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You'd rather not get too many difficult customers in your business. Resengo gives you some solutions to give tricky customers a positive guest experience anyway.

Angry messages in your Resengo Inbox

Angry messages of frustration from annoying customers are a headache. If, for instance, the guest is not satisfied with the pungent eucalyptus smell of the towels or dishes that were served just a bit too cold. Then engage with your guest, listen, apologise and come up with a solution. Guaranteed to turn this angry message full of frustrations into a positive guest experience.

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Fake reviews

People who have not even been to your establishment and write a fake review with their frustrations is a huge nightmare for your business. At Resengo, fake reviews don't stand a chance. This is because it is not possible to write a review as a non-guest. So you can rest easy that fake reviews from troublesome customers won't show up in your Resengo environment.

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Customers who don't show up at your business without cancelling cause a lot of worry. You can get one step ahead of them by, for instance, sending them a reminder SMS, asking for a deposit and setting credit card guarantee terms and conditions when they make a reservation. Those were just a few tips.

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Late redemption of gift vouchers

If we may add one last frustration, it is the one about guests waiting until the last minute to redeem their gift voucher or Resengo voucher. Don't let that happen and send them a reminder email or text a month before the expiry date to redeem their voucher. Guarantee that you are more likely to have them visit your shop before their voucher expires.

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