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Start managing your mailbox like a pro

Resengo manage your inbox - a lady with coffee looks at her inbox on her laptop.

Wondering how to do just that? Then get started with the tips below and you will have a well-organised Resengo Inbox in no time.

Open your Inbox at a fixed time

You receive questions about new reservations, changes or cancellations at regular intervals. So make a schedule and prioritise opening your mailbox at a few set times. Start your day with a cup of coffee and read through the questions. After your working day is also an ideal time to open your mailbox again and answer your guests' questions. In doing so, aim for an as good as empty mailbox at the end of the day. Bet you'll get more structure in your Resengo Inbox and in your head!


Put someone in charge of answering

Nothing like having a fixed point of contact for your business' mailbox. Someone who keeps track of things on a daily basis and is committed to better communication with your guests. Therefore, appoint a person with overall responsibility to take care of the Resengo Inbox at set times. If the person in charge is absent, make sure you have a colleague as back-up to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. 


Communicate better with ready-made answers

Make it easy for yourself and set up standard answers to frequently asked questions from your guests. You will save time and answer guests' questions quickly. Resengo already created some original and standard messages for you. Quicker and better communication with your guests has never been easier. 


End with an empty inbox

Ending your workday with an empty mailbox may seem impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. Opening your mailbox at regular intervals and responding to queries is easy and quick. You immediately deal with the incoming messages. The questions that no longer require action can be archived. Result? An empty mailbox and Resengo Inbox allowing you to tick off the last 'to-do' at the end of your working day.

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