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How to deal with hospitality complaints?

How to deal with hospitality complaints?

We have all sent or received an expression of displeasure in the heat of the moment. As a restaurant, you don't like getting an angry email in your mailbox. It is therefore interesting to take some steps to get only positive reactions from your guests.

One important tip is to respond to mails from dissatisfied guests. Read on below to discover more tips for dealing with such messages. You are guaranteed to get a positive response afterwards and this way you can win your guest over again.


1.Regularly check your Resengo inbox and provide feedback

Nothing is more annoying than having to wait a long time for a response after sending an angry e-mail. The emotions of a dissatisfied guest can sometimes rise fast and high. Therefore, make it a habit to check your Resengo Inbox at set times. This way, you will immediately see the angry mail and can quickly respond to it.


2. Listen to your guest's displeasure

Take the first step in the right direction and listen to the negative message or read your guest's angry mail. It is then also out of the question not to respond. Your guest is not going to feel heard and may be tempted not to step into your business again.


3. Thank and apologise

Thank your guest for reporting the negative message and apologise via a short and sincere email in which your guest feels heard and understood. Perhaps have a colleague proofread it before clicking 'send'.


4. Offer a solution

Your guest would like to be offered a solution.For example, you could surprise them with a house aperitif or offer a one-off discount for their next visit. Of course, you may not immediately know how to solve a certain situation to satisfy your guest. Therefore, bounce the question back and ask the guest what he thinks is the best solution. That way, the dissatisfied guest will feel heard and you can look for a suitable solution together.


5. Learn from an angry e-mail

Both positive and negative messages are valuable to your business. Accept every angry mail as an opportunity to grow, change and improve. For example, if you have received the comment that the music was very loud in your business, take this into account and turn down the volume next time. You might not have immediately realised that this expression of dissatisfaction would result in an angry e-mail. Listening and responding is guaranteed to pay off later.

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