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The Resengo voucher: only benefits!

The Resengo voucher is an example of a gift voucher that increases the profit and brand awareness of your restaurant or wellness business. The lucky recipient can use the Resengo voucher to make reservations at more than 1,496 establishments, including many restaurants and beauty and wellness centres. One thing is certain: the Resengo voucher only has advantages.


What is the Resengo voucher?

The Resengo voucher is a gift voucher you can easily buy in the webshop. The webshop is available 24/7, perfect for last-minute purchases! The lucky recipient can use the Resengo voucher to make reservations at more than 1,496 establishments, including many restaurants and beauty and wellness centres.


Advantages of the Resengo voucher

When your restaurant or wellness business accepts Resengo vouchers, you have a lot of advantages. The Resengo voucher provides extra profit and extra publicity, without you having to make any effort!

The biggest advantage of the gift card is that Resengo does not charge a commission, unlike a lot of other general gift voucher agencies. This means that you always get 100% of your Resengo voucher! So if you receive a €100 voucher, you will effectively receive €100 in your account.

Afraid of losing the overview if you accept different types of vouchers? Don't worry, in Resengo you can clearly see when a guest has made a reservation with a gift voucher and whether this is a Resengo voucher or not. Even better: if someone comes by with a Resengo voucher today, you will see a timely notification on the Resengo table plan in your Resengo system!


Redeeming a Resengo voucher is child's play

The Resengo voucher is a unique gift voucher that is also easy to redeem online for the recipient. There are a few steps the lucky recipient has to go through to make reserving a Resengo voucher easy.

First of all, there are two ways to receive a Resengo voucher. Either the recipient receives a paper version of the gift voucher from the generous donor or sees the Resengo voucher in their own Resengo account.

After receiving the Resengo voucher, the recipient surfs to to choose a restaurant or wellness establishment where they want to redeem their gift voucher. There is a list of more than 1,496 restaurants and wellness businesses to choose from. During the online booking, the guest will receive a suggestion to use their Resengo voucher. All he has to do is click on the Resengo voucher. Convenient and fast!

If the guest has a Resengo account but the gift voucher has not been uploaded? Then they can still redeem the voucher by typing in the voucher number and verification code manually.


Your gift vouchers in one convenient overview

The Resengo voucher can be uploaded in a Resengo account. But even better: even gift vouchers sold by the shop itself can now be uploaded there! Very handy, because this way everyone always has a nice overview of vouchers that are still valid. No one loses track of their vouchers anymore, because Resengo's smart technology will always suggest gift vouchers to use when making a new reservation.


Accept the Resengo voucher and increase the profit and brand awareness of your business!

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