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Did someone say promotions?

Resengo - Promotions

Turn unpopular moments into popular ones

You will always have hours in your business that are less popular with your loyal customers. Try filling those empty spots with an offer they can't ignore. How about an early bird discount or a house aperitif to promote quiet hours. You can attract new customers this way or remind your loyal customer that you are worth another visit.


Experiment with different types of promotions

With Resengo, you can create new promotions very easily. Be creative and experiment with different types of promotions that are unique to your business.


Offer original extras

You can offer a little extra such as a glass of bubbles with appetisers on arrival at your establishment. Or you can convince (potential) customers with a gift they receive after visiting your business. For example, give them a wellness package so they can (re)experience their own spa experience at home.


Give interesting discounts

Discounts are the most obvious form of a promotion. You give a temporary discount on a package or take-away order which can trigger your potential new customer to take up your promotion. Or for the early birds, you can offer an early booking discount that attracts new customers and persuades them to redeem the discount.


Keep control of your promotions

With Resengo, you have all the tools at your disposal to keep full overview and control over your different types of promotions at all times. For example, you can decide how long the promotion runs, the maximum number of people who can benefit from the offer (per shift), the channels on which you share the different types of promotions, etc.

For example, three weeks before your promotion, plan an early bird discount of 50 euros on your game menu, only for the first five online reservations through Facebook.


Communicate your different types of promotions

You may have created a promotion. It is just as important to communicate it quickly through the various channels to encourage (potential) guests to take up your types of promotions. Communicate your promotions not only via the Resengo Widget, but also put them on newsletters and create an original post for your Facebook and Instagram page linking to your unique promotions via a shareable link.

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