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Financial reasons for selling gift vouchers through the Resengo Gift Voucher Shop

Resengo - Gift Vouchers

Gift voucher sales work to everyone's advantage. It is an original gift idea for the generous giver, a nice surprise for the recipient and a financial boost for the provider. Do you not yet sell gift vouchers in your restaurant or wellness business? Then we would like to convince you with 3 great reasons why you should offer gift vouchers from your restaurant right away.

Increase your turnover with an instant cash flow boost

The main advantage is that, thanks to the Resengo Gift Voucher Shop, you can boost your turnover without too much effort. Purchased gift vouchers from your restaurant or wellness shop are paid out 100% immediately. So you receive the proceeds immediately and no longer have to wait for the gift voucher to be redeemed.

Selling a gift voucher provides short-term financial breathing space when your existing income is reduced or interrupted, for example. We have since been able to prove this during covid. Interesting to note, moreover, that many gift vouchers are never even redeemed.

Sell gift vouchers because guests spend more

Those who visit your establishment with a gift voucher usually spend more than the amount of the voucher. After all, the gift voucher has already been paid for, making it easier for your guests to order an extra dish, a matching bottle of wine or a degustation with the dessert. In wellness shops, this could be the delicious-smelling products they were introduced to during the stay that they will still purchase with their wellness cheque.

Voucher-to-voucher advertising is the new word-of-mouth advertising

You may not have realised that selling a voucher from your establishment is also a smart marketing strategy. After all, the guest who buys a gift voucher from you is so satisfied with their experience at your establishment that they want to share it with someone else. So selling a gift voucher is the ideal way to attract new guests to your establishment. After yet another excellent experience, they might also bring in new guests. This is what we call gift voucher advertising.

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