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Get rid of empty spots in your business via last minutes

Resengo - Widget last minutes

Thanks to Resengo's reservation software, hospitality operators can estimate today whether open spots are still expected and thus take the necessary actions in time. Filling empty spaces from guests who cancel late or simply don't show up is also easier than you think.


Activate your last-minutes in one click

Thanks to Resengo, you can effortlessly offer expected and unexpected empty spots as last-minutes in one click. You decide whether or not to link a discount or promotion to it.

Creating a last minute in your Resengo environment is child's play. You can create them in no time and modify them at any time with a single mouse click.

Once you have created the last minute, it will appear immediately in your Resengo environment. Your (potential) customers will instantly be able to see the last-minute on all your channels and be able to book it.


Show your last minutes on your own website with the Resengo Widget

The Resengo Widget can be found at the bottom right of your website. It is a handy tool that catches the attention of your website visitors. Behind the button 'last minutes' you will find a nice overview of all your available last minutes.


Automatically communicate your last minutes to thousands of potential guests

Offer your last minutes to fill unique, vacant places. You can do this very easily via, our partner sites and social media.


Your last minutes are published automatically and free of charge on Thousands of potential guests looking for last minutes on the consumer platform will thus find you faster. Just do it!

On Yeat

Yeat highlights your restaurant's last minutes through their app. So as a hospitality operator, you have a better chance of successfully filling your tables. It's definitely worth linking Yeat with your Resengo environment!

Note: you do need to be a Yeat customer for your last minutes to be visible in their app.


On Facebook

Thanks to Resengo, you can publish your last minutes automatically on your Facebook page. The choice is entirely yours whether to post them immediately or after a few days. Don't hesitate, just do it. You are guaranteed to get more reservations.

Besides your Facebook page, potential guests can also land on your website's Resengo Widget via Google My Business or Instagram.


Inform loyal guests of your last minutes with newsletters

Get your loyal guests excited about your last minutes through newsletters. Send them automated e-mails with interesting open last minutes. Want to bet you will receive more reservations from your loyal guests?

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