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Attract new customers with your Resengo company profile

Resengo - Attract new customers with reservation system

Every Resengo Hotspot has a free company profile on  And that's great because currently, some 6 million consumers visit the Resengo reservation platform every month. Thanks to the handy search function, they not only find great addresses for catering and beauty & wellness businesses, but also the immediate availability of restaurants based on date and number of people. Even those who still want to have lunch, dinner or relax last minute are guaranteed to find an address that meets their desires in the offer on


Creating a Resengo company profile: 5 musts!

It is extremely important to make your company profile on as complete as possible and keep it up to date. This way, you can increase your online visibility on the Resengo booking platform and attract new customers

We list for you which  things shoult not be missing from your page:


  • The name of your business and your current address and contact details

    Consumers who already know your business will immediately search for the name of your business via the search bar to check its immediate availability. It therefore goes without saying that the name on your business profile should not contain any spelling mistakes and should ideally match the name you use on your website and social media.

    Also be sure to check that your address and contact details are correct, so that your new customers can easily find their way to your business and reach you quickly if they have any questions. People searching for a business in your area via the search bar will also find your business more quickly among the search results. 


    If you have an https website, we also recommend writing your website in full so that (potential) customers are always directed to the right page faster.


  • The logo of your business

    Your business profile on the Resengo booking platform serves as your business card, and your logo should not be missing. It makes your page visually recognisable and carries through your house style to the reservation platform.


  • 1 to 5 high quality photos

    When a consumer comes to your business profile, the photos in the banner at the top immediately catch their eye. It is the ideal opportunity to already give visitors on your page a taste of your business. So make sure you have a nice mix of high-quality mood shots and photos of what you offer.


  • A short description of your business

    A concise description of your business can also encourage potential customers to book with you. In a few sentences, tell them the concept of your business and what to expect. This way, your new customers can prepare for their visit and take into account a certain dress code, for example.


  • The sector and relevant categories that apply to your business

    To reach the right audience and appear in the appropriate search results, it is important to identify the right sector and categories for your business. For example, a catering business might indicate the type of kitchen and, in terms of facilities, the presence of a terrace. A wellness business might indicate that it has an outdoor swimming pool and/or an electric car charging station.

    We have already defined a wide range of categories and facilities for you to choose from so that your new customers can find your business easily and quickly


A complete and up-to-date business profile on the Resengo booking platform pays off. It increases your chances of being found and attracting new customers becomes child's play.

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