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Save more time with our new booking widget!

Resengo Widget

Horeca booking: for both guests and restaurant owners, it always remains a real quest to arrange it easily. Fortunately, at Resengo, we have added our revamped booking widget to our online reservation system! With this reservation widget, creating a reservation is child's play for consumers. In addition, as a restaurant manager or owner, it is also possible to add promotions and last minutes. This allows you to promote them in no time and generate more revenue. Win-win, right?

Lately, we have been busy optimising the widget to make booking with you easier. Based on feedback from our hospitality guests, we have added new functionalities that make our online reservation system more efficient and profitable. With our revamped booking widget, we offer a booking experience for the perfect online guest experience. For example, the booking widget allows you to display promotions without having to create separate pages on the website. This saves you money, effort and time. Moreover, your guest does not have to click through a lot to find the right page.

The clever features of our renewed widget

The current Resengo widget was already easy to install and manage on your website. Our renewed widget now also makes it possible to decide for yourself whether the widget appears on your website and/or is controlled via direct links on your website. Another advantage is that the new widget can easily be customised to your own taste and house style. This way, it is immediately clear to your guests which hotel and catering establishment they are dealing with and recognition is created. 

Another extra advantage: from your Resengo environment, you can easily see what your booking widget will actually look like, so there will never be any surprises. The familiar functionalities such as the addition of promotions, last minutes and events are retained in the new booking widget. It is also possible for your guests to ask a question during the reservation. Useful, as it puts your guests in direct contact with your business, which can only improve the online guest experience.

Publish your promotions

We mentioned it earlier: use the new booking widget to easily highlight your promotions on your website. This handy new feature in our online catering reservation system is also directly visible to your guests. This makes it easier than ever for consumers to make reservations. All you as restaurant owner have to do is add a description, the rules of the game and a relevant photo. After this, you simply activate the promotion in the widget. Also good to know: the promotions only appear in the booking widget when you offer them currently.  

Booking and managing last-minutes has never been easier

You can now also easily add your last-minutes to your widget to get those last few spots filled anyway and to avoid no-shows. Are you looking for a way to always see your business filled? In that case, our updated widget might just be the solution you're looking for!

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