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7 advantages of the Resengo voucher

Resengo Team
Resengo team
Resengo Voucher

Are you looking for a lasting gift for a birthday, corporate gift or other occasion? Then you've come to the right place at Resengo!

The Resengo voucher offers many advantages to generous donors, surprised recipients and savvy entrepreneurs. It's also a highly durable gift that will appeal to even the most critical recipient.

We'd like to list the benefits of the Resengo voucher for you.

1. A gift for every occassion!

Gift vouchers are a rewarding and easy business gift to give to all employees or business partners during the end-of-year period, for example. But giving a dinner or wellness treatment as a gift is also very popular among private individuals.

A restaurant voucher or wellness voucher, such as the Resengo voucher, guarantees a happy recipient. The voucher is a gift card that effectively has the value stated and not a fictitious value for a limited offer.

In fact, the person who receives the voucher can use it at more than 1,500 locations, during any service or at any appointment time.

2. Give a durable gift!

We are becoming increasingly aware that the products we buy have an impact on our environment. Ecological and sustainable gifts are therefore more popular than ever.

The Resengo voucher can be printed on a gift card, but you can also choose to give the voucher as a digital gift. 

That way, this gift voucher is an extremely sustainable gift.

3. Restaurant voucher with wide choice of restaurants

A gift voucher to go out for dinner will appeal to any epicurean or foodie. It promises an interesting search through the list of hundreds of restaurants that accept the voucher. 

Guests can search on for a restaurant that completely suits their own needs and tastes. They can easily filter the restaurants by price range, rating or cuisine. 

Will you join the restaurants that already accept the Resengo voucher?

4. Not just for restaurants!

Apart from restaurants, the Resengo voucher can also be redeemed in dozens of beauty and wellness salons, saunas and even hotels and B&Bs.

Recipients of this sustainable gift voucher are thus not tied to a restaurant visit, but can just as easily book a massage or sauna visit with their partner.

5. Invest 100% of the value in the local economy

When Resengo vouchers are processed, 100% of the proceeds of the voucher go to the company where it is redeemed.

Resengo does not charge any commission.

6. Easily find your new favourite place!

As a recipient of a Resengo voucher, you choose from a wide variety of restaurants, wellness salons, saunas and other businesses to use your voucher.

Visit our website to see the range of businesses on offer. You filter the results quickly and easily based on activity, rating, available last-minutes and much more. You can also choose to see only businesses that accept the Resengo voucher.

This way, you will always find a business near you that meets your needs and desires.

7. Support for local entrepreneurs

The recipient of a Resengo voucher almost always searches a local network of entrepreneurs. Searches are made in their own region and your guests discover new gems in their neighbourhood.

Even though the Resengo voucher is a universal gift voucher that can be used all over the country (and beyond), the investments mostly end up with local businesses. That could be your restaurant, or it could be a visit to the sauna in your village.

Convinced of the benefits of the Resengo voucher?

It is hard not to be convinced of the benefits. Every business owner wants more guests, more loyal customers and more sales. The Resengo voucher is a simple method, which you set up in a few clicks, to generate more sales. Effortlessly.

Would you also like to accept the Resengo voucher in your restaurant, wellness salon, hotel, B&B, ...?

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