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Share outstanding photos on your social media!

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Resengo - beautiful photos on your social media

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are very visual. In addition to text and content, the images you share on social media should be at least as strong. After all, beautiful pictures give a certain image of your products, business and/or services. It is therefore important to use nice pictures on your social media channels to capture what makes your restaurant and concept unique. This is how to attract more and new customers.

How to attract more customers with great photography

A lot of businesses attract new customers by taking beautiful photos of their business and publishing them on their website and social media channels. Here are some inspiring examples. Also note the number of "likes" at the bottom right of each photo. Each "like" means visibility with people who may not yet be following you.

Customers and visitors

First and foremost, great photos of happy customers and visitors score well. After all, people like to look at others. Besides, this way you confirm the image that a visitor of your business always walks out with a smile.

A photo of a fun instagram post by Yoghurt Barn | Resengo

Image by @sanderthje for Yoghurt Barn

Tip: Get customers to share nice pictures from inside your business on their social media channels for extra visibility. You can motivate them to share posts, photos and reviews by simply asking them to do so, lower the threshold by offering free wifi, be active on social media yourself, make your interior attractive so people want to photograph it, and so on.


Food & Drinks

With culinary photography, i.e. taking beautiful pictures of dishes or ingredients, you make people want to come and eat and/or drink with you. After all, tasty images make them want to enjoy what they see. By the way, it is also the perfect way to show off your dishes or logo to the outside world.

Instagram post by watertuinspijkenisse | Resengo

Image by @watertuinspijkenisse

Tip: If your photo contains fruits or vegetables, spray them with water to give them an extra touch of freshness. It is also a good idea to rub your meat and pasta dishes with cooking oil (in very small amounts), as they often lose their shine when they cool down


Both interior and exterior

Consumers who have never visited you before are often curious about the interior and exterior of your establishment. They are looking for a certain ambience or environment for their next restaurant outing. So from time to time, try to pique their curiosity by posting a picture of your tables, your kitchen, your terrace, etc. This way, they will get a first impression and be more likely to come visit you.

Post beautiful photos of both the inside and outside of your business on social media | Resengo

Image Pieter D’Hoop for Restaurant Willem Hiele

Tip: Did you know that the interior of your business determines your guests' experience and is therefore an important extension of your brand image?


The Staff

Photos of your team show the human side of your business. You can attract more customers by giving your business a face and highlighting your staff. It also ensures that customers immediately see a recognisable face when they are convinced and visit your business. Taking nice photos of your chef(s) to put them in the spotlight also works. Customers often don't see them, but still want to be able to put a face to the person who delights them with delicious dishes. This way, you also create visibility and increase trust in your business and services.

Tip: Always ask permission from your staff to post a picture of them online because not everyone likes this. In addition, it is a good idea to also encourage your staff to actively spread the word about your social media.


More and more people want to know where the food on their plate comes from. Inform your guests through your social media channels by highlighting certain suppliers and/or products with a fun or unique backstory. For example, share a nice photo of the farmer who provides your fresh vegetables or the baker you buy your bread from.

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