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Online feedback is worth its weight in gold

Resengo - Online Feedback

In these digital times, giving and receiving feedback online is increasingly important in the hospitality industry. Based on a review or other feedback on your website, social media or booking site, potential customers are going to judge your establishment. As a restaurant owner, you might think you have no control over what people say or write online. However, impeccable customer service has a lot of influence on the feedback review your customers will give.

What you really need to know about Resengo reviews

Personal experience

Your goal is to make your customers happy and keep them coming back to your establishment, not to get a good feedback review. Focus on your guests and give them a personal experience. Those great reviews are guaranteed to follow!

No fake reviews

Unfortunately, fake reviews are sometimes posted online by people who have never even been to your establishment. We advise you to politely reply to these reviews, or report them if necessary. After all, other website visitors do not know whether the review is fake or not. In turn, with Resengo, you ensure that the restaurant feedback comes 100% from people who have actually been to your establishment. This is because we ensure that Resengo reviews can only be given by people who actually booked with you.

Fresh content

Post your Resengo reviews online as much as possible. Search engines like Google prefer websites that constantly publish new material. We call this fresh content. By posting Resengo reviews from time to time or having them automatically posted by your reservation system, for example, you ensure that your website will rank higher in search results.

How to handle negative feedback?

Reflect before you start

Reading a negative review? If so, don't respond without thinking. If you hastily type a response, your anger will reflect in your response. So always think before you publish a response.

Leave the work to the right person

Responding to feedback is best left to a qualified person. This person should have sufficient knowledge of what goes on in your restaurant. He or she should be able to handle feedback calmly and formulate an appropriate response. Without language errors, of course.

Listen & solve

A lot of customers are sometimes confronted with a problem at restaurant. But did you know that 80% of them still return to this restaurant if their problem is solved in a proper way? So it does pay off to apologise to your customers. If possible, make sure you also offer a solution or a nice concession.

Don't let yourself be distracted

There is no point focusing on negative comments. So do not focus on bad reviews when you have a lot of good ones as well.

Learn from your feedback

Accept every review as an opportunity to grow and learn. Use feedback to improve your business.

How to handle positive feedback?

Customer-friendliness = key

Don't just assume it's normal to receive positive reviews. Always thank your customers for their visit and mention that you hope to see them again soon.

Compliments to the chef

Let nice words reach the right person. For example, did someone write a nice comment about the friendly service? If so, congratulate your floor staff. Does someone give compliments to the chef? Then be sure not to forget to pass them on.

The aforementioned tips are the most important steps you can take to steer and control your customers' online feedback in a certain direction. As a result, you can become an even more successful business.

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