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Hospitality POS system: link your online reservations

Resengo - Table plan linked to your POS system

Are you already making the most of your cash register system? Chances are you can get a lot more out of it. For example, get to know your customers better thanks to the link between Resengo and your POS system, such as Lightspeed, unTill or Trivec.

Also curious which dish your regular guests prefer? Curious how much people spend in your restaurant on average? Would you like to be able to link reviews to orders? Then link your favourite cash register system to your Resengo system. The connection between Resengo and the cash register systems of Lightspeed, unTill and Trivec easily provides the solution!


What are the benefits of linking your POS system and your Resengo?

With an online reservation system, you manage reservations easily and quickly (before, during and after the shift), and with an online cash register system, you take care of the smooth follow-up of payments during the service itself. So orders and bills are effortlessly linked to your reservations. Reservations are made via Resengo and, thanks to the link, arrive in your catering POS system. The table number, guest name, staff serving the guest and all comments are also synchronised.

Is your guest seated at the table? Then open his bill. In your cash register, add all the dishes he consumes and finally finalise the order. Meanwhile, in Resengo Tables you can easily and quickly check the status of reservations. This makes organising your table seating or your shifts child's play. In addition, the link ensures occupancy optimisation as tables of guests who leave are immediately released for new guests who arrive at a later time.

Resengo's link to these POS systems also allows you to link a guest to a table. This synchronisation means you know exactly what each visitor consumes and spends in your restaurant. With this information, you can request statistics from Resengo about the average amount a guest spends, the actual time guests stay seated, which dish is popular, and so on. You can also link specific feedback to specific dishes, payments or staff members. So you can easily find out what made that one guest so happy or what went wrong with a complaint. With the contact details of your customers, you can then effortlessly build a guest database. Useful, because with Resengo you can send out newsletters to this entire base or to a specific target group, or you can even use the guest list of an event.

Not to mention, using both systems will save you a lot of time. By sending automatic, personalised e-mails, Resengo reduces the number of no-shows, strengthens communication with the guest and makes telephone traffic remarkably quieter. In turn, a cash register system saves you time when calculating your checkout and links each paid product to a guest from Resengo. That way, you know how much each guest spends in your establishment and what your regular guests prefer. In short: you get to know your guests much better and have the time to give them the attention they deserve.


Which POS system best suits your specific needs?

Whether you run a coffee shop or a large restaurant chain, every business needs an efficient and simple POS system. Each system has its own strengths, specific target audience and price tag. Read more below about the different POS systems with which Resengo can easily connect, and choose the one that best suits your restaurant! Already satisfied with your POS system? Then read below how to link it with Resengo and get to know your guests even better!


The Lightspeed POS system: the all-in-one POS system

What does Lightspeed offer?

Lightspeed has been the go-to all-in-one hospitality and retail POS system since 2012. This software provider from Canada has 13 offices around the world, 100+ countries of operation and 800+ employees. Lightspeed offers solutions to small and medium-sized retail and restaurant businesses and aims to help entrepreneurs work more efficiently, make data-driven decisions and create an unforgettable experience for guests.

Lightspeed developed a Self-Order Menu alongside its POS system that allows guests to place their own orders and saves staff costs. Lightspeed also allows you to enable branches in multiple locations, allowing you to manage several businesses from a single Restaurant Manager.

How does the integration between Lightspeed and Resengo work?

The integration between Lightspeed and Resengo is not new. Resengo Tables has been seamlessly linked to Lightspeed for a while now, synchronising your reservations, guest details and table status. The link was recently improved and real-time. It is now even easier to activate the link.

Are you already using Resengo's link with Lightspeed and have any questions? Don't have this link yet but are interested? Mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Lightspeed here.


unTill: The POS system by and for the hospitality sector

What does Untill offer you?

unTill® software was created by people from the hospitality industry. This POS system has been on the market for over 25 years and still virtually all their employees have hospitality experience. They want to be the partner who understands the role automation has for a business. You can set up this POS system completely the way your restaurant works.

At unTill, your cash register will be live within six weeks: from first encounter to installation. Depending on your needs, you will be put in contact with a professional unTill dealer. UnTill also offers three possible packages: UNTILL START, UNTILL PROFESSIONAL AND UNTILL ULTIMATE. This allows you to choose a package that fully meets your needs and wishes.

Any questions about unTill? Contact them here.


Trivec: The online POS system

What does Trivec offer you?

Founded in 1993, Trivec is the market leader in POS systems and bar automation for the hospitality industry. This POS system supplier has more than 7,000 customers in Europe and offices in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Trivec's ambition is to build a leading position within the European hospitality market with a strong local presence. You choose Trivec if you are looking for a simple and extremely user-friendly POS system tailored to your business. Trivec also has an integrated beverage monitoring system. This doses and registers all your drinks and informs you on what is served and what is charged.

Contact Trivec here or visit their nearest office.

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