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Keep track of customer data for more insights into your business

Resengo - Client Data

Customer data can give you a lot of insights about your business. That's why we developed a dashboard that shows you some important customer data. On this dashboard, you can see at a glance how many reservations there are for the future and through which channels these reservations came in. Collecting customer data is key to optimising your guest experience!

Track customer data in a clear overview

To make your customer data tracking easy, Resengo has designed a dashboard where you see a pie chart on the left. The centre of the circle shows the number of future reservations and the number of covers.These figures help you keep an overview.

The edge of the circle shows with a colour code how many reservations you receive and through which reservation channel. All channels are marked with a unique colour. For example, blue represents reservations made on your website. Grey in turn represents reservations you entered manually yourself, for example when you take reservations over the phone. Orange shows the share of reservations you received via

When you click on the circle, you can see in detail how many reservations or reserved covers came in through each reservation channel. You will then see both numerical data and percentages per channel.

This schematic overview of your reservations helps you optimise your occupancy rate. In fact, you can deduce which reservation channels work best for your business. These figures will help you work out which channels you should highlight.


Less work? Follow these 4 tips!

Do reservations come to you mainly through Facebook or external booking sites? Then your booking module may not be visible enough on your website. Do you notice that you still enter most of your reservations manually? That means you still accept many reservations by phone or e-mail. Your ultimate goal? To get as many reservations as possible online. That way, you save yourself a lot of work! Follow these 4 tips and increase your reach now!

  1. Make your reservation module and widget stand out

When people surf to your website, they should immediately see that online booking is an option. Studies show that a reservation button at the top of the website attracts the most attention. So put a direct link to your reservation module in the header of your website and place your widget in the bottom-right corner. Make sure your customers don't have to search endlessly.

  1. Set up your answering machine

Do you want to quickly tell many customers that it is best to make a reservation via the website? Then leave a new message on your answering machine. We'll get you started with an example: "Welcome to Restaurant Resengo. For online reservations, please visit our website 24/7. Another question or comment? Please call us back during opening hours."

  1. Provide a clear mention on social media

Take every opportunity to highlight your online reservation module. Is Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day coming up soon? Then make a nice post on Facebook or Instagram, with a link to the reservation module on your website. Need inspiration? You can probably convince customers with the following arguments:

  • Online booking is possible 24/7.
  • Customers can check real-time availability themselves.
  • When booking online, they are sent an instant confirmation mail.
  1. Adapt your communication

You can easily mention that online booking is possible at your establishment in all your communications. For example, put a small message at the bottom of your newsletters, mention in on your menu or mention it on your business cards. For online communication, you can even insert a link that takes the reader directly to your reservation module!

Start tracking and analysing customer data better than ever by starting with Resengo now!

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