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Deposits, credit card guarantee or ticket sale against no-shows

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Deposits, credit card guarantee or ticket sale as a solution to combat no-shows? A lot of hospitality operators are still asking themselves the following questions: "Am I still hospitable if I use one of those? How will the guest react if we ask them to pay a deposit?" At Resengo, we understand this fear. That is why our experienced support colleagues are happy to give their advice if you are hesitant to start working with one of these techniques. We will also be happy to tell you how to make sure your target group accepts it and how to keep receiving the same number of reservations.

Region-specific solutions

Our hospitality expertise tells us that different guests react differently when accepting this trend. Therefore, our advice varies by restaurant type and region. Yes indeed, the use of these techniques is region-specific! For instance, our northern neighbours, more specifically Amsterdam in the suburbs, dominate. In other big cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague, this trend is much less common. If we look outside the suburbs, we hardly encounter deposits, credit card guarantees or ticketing when making table reservations. By the way, that doesn't mean it can't work! Because there are Resengo users actively using our techniques in all other regions of the Netherlands too.

Solutions for every type of restaurant

Resengo has been facilitating online payment technology for table reservations in the Netherlands and Belgium for a very long time. Our experience shows that asking for credit card guarantees mainly happens at restaurants in the high-end segment. In the other segments, we see that restaurants more often choose advance payments or ticket sales.

Events with ticket sale

Whereas deposits and credit card guarantees have been well-known in the Dutch hospitality sector for years, selling tickets is now a trend on the rise. Occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, New Year's Eve, but also 'Asparagus weekend', Game tasting or High Beer require separate menu choices and arrangements. From now on, you may view such occasions as events, which call for a special experience.

Deposits or credit card guarantee

Events such as Christmas or an all-in dinner evening can of course also be booked with deposits or credit card guarantee. Chairman of Jeunes Restaurateurs Netherlands and patron of Restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk, Rik Jansma, organised an all-in menu month in the past. Only bookable with prepayment. But the all-you-can-eat chain Watertuin also works with prepayment, only during Christmas. "It saves us a lot of no-shows," explains Pong, owner of the Watertuin restaurants.

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