With the link between RestaurantCadeau and Resengo you get more guests and therefore more turnover.

Collaboration with RestaurantCadeau means more guests and more turnover. So now take part in RestaurantCadeau – just like thousands of restaurants.

RestaurantCadeau is part of Blackhawk Network, market leader in the gift card sector in the Netherlands (RestaurantCadeau) and England (The Restaurant Choice). RestaurantCadeau has been on sale at all major retailers since 2009 and is the Gift Card & Dinerbon of the Year 2016.

RestaurantCadeau is:

✔ Free participation, no connection fee

✔ 75% reimbursement of the spent value of the card

✔ More guests, more turnover

✔ On average 30% more spending

✔ Completely free choice in spending

✔ Average map value of €35

✔ 5,000 points of sale in the Netherlands (including Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Primera, Blokker and HEMA)