The link between Lightspeed and Resengo allows you to manage everything from one screen during your service. Really get to know your clients and use this knowledge for your marketing.

Would you also like to know which dish your regular customers prefer? Curious how much people spend on average in your restaurant? Through the link between Lightspeed and Resengo you will find out! You can easily and quickly manage your reservations before, during and after the shift with the online reservation system. With Lightspeed, you take care of the smooth follow-up of payments on the evening itself. Orders and invoices are effortlessly linked to your reservations. The biggest benefit? You know exactly what each guest consumes!

How does it work?
You will find your table plan in both Resengo and Lightspeed. Reservations are made via Resengo and, thanks to the link, end up in Lightspeed. The table number, the guest’s name and all their comments are also synchronised. Is your guest sitting at the table? Then open his account. Add all the dishes he consumes and finally finalise the order. In the meantime, you can easily and quickly monitor the status of reservations in Tables. This makes it child’s play to arrange your table layout or shifts.

Really get to know your guests
We can already hear you thinking: what about the guest data? Don’t worry! Your guest cards are also updated every time you make a reservation! Resengo makes it possible to link a guest to a table. Thanks to the synchronisation, you know exactly what each visitor consumes and spends in your restaurant. With the contact details of your customers, you can then effortlessly build up a customer database. Convenient, because with Resengo you can send out newsletters to this entire file or to the guest list of a certain event.

And don’t forget: using both systems will save you a lot of time! By sending automatic personalised e-mails from Resengo, you reduce the number of no-shows, you strengthen the communication with your guest and telephone traffic becomes remarkably quieter. Lightspeed saves you time to calculate your cash register and links every paid product to a guest from Resengo. This way you know how much each guest spends in your business and what your regular guests prefer. In short: you get to know your guests better and have the time to give them the attention they deserve!