With the connection between Heerlijk.nl and Resengo you can easily manage all your reservations from one central reservation system.

Heerlijk.nl is a culinary online platform that brings restaurants and culinary lovers together. They do everything they can every day to find the nicest restaurants so that guests can enjoy the best meals (at a discount). From Michelin star(s) restaurant to pleasant brasseries with a relaxed atmosphere, they offer different types of restaurants for every occasion.

For the restaurants themselves they also make their platform a pleasure to work with. They fill the empty tables. This way they increase the turnover for restaurants. The restaurant only pays a small commission if a culinary enthusiast has actually taken a place at the restaurant through them. In short No Cure no Pay. In this way they increase brand awareness and reservations.

Are you bookable via Heerlijk.nl? Then you can easily have those reservations registered in your Resengo by activating this integration.