Get Driven

Let your guests enjoy their outing worry-free by offering them a private chauffeur at a competitive price through Get Driven.

Get Driven is a platform on which your guests can book a driver to take them around in their own car. In this way Get Driven relieves your guests of all traffic stress and allows them to relax on the way to your restaurant. Once they arrive, they can enjoy their night out without a care in the world, because after that last drink their driver will bring them safely home.

Why is this link interesting?

Thanks to the link with Get Driven, you can offer your guests the experience of a private chauffeur at a competitive price. To celebrate the reopening of the hospitality industry, your guests enjoy 1 hour of free driving pleasure and a 20% discount on subsequent rides. In addition, with this service you are making an extra commitment to the safety of your guests allowing them to enjoy their restaurant experience even more.

How does the link work?

Once you activate the link, a banner appears in the confirmation mails of the reservations. Through this banner your guests can create an account that gives them access to more than 700 trained drivers all over the country. Then they can book a driver at the promotional price from anywhere in Belgium via the app or the website.