Manage all your reviews and social media channels in one convenient inbox thanks to the link between Resengo and AreTheyHappy.


AreTheyHappy (ATH) is an online reputation tool for hospitality businesses. It collects all reviews, messages and photos about a case and places this information in a single overview. ATH integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc. and now also with Resengo!

The link with Resengo

Through the new link between Resengo and AreTheyHappy, you can now manage and view all your reviews (Resengo, Facebook, Tripadvisor, etc.) in one clear ATH mailbox. This way you get a complete overview of everything guests say about your business and you get an answer to the most important question of all: “Are my customers satisfied?

How does it work?

By partnering with AreTheyHappy, all your Resengo reviews, together with all your other feedback, messages and social media, are now collected in one central place. This allows you to respond faster, more easily and more efficiently to the expectations and needs of your guests. By centralising and digitising everything, you save time and can focus on what you find important to make your business run smoothly



The connection between Resengo and AreTheyHappy enables Social Media Monitoring, i.e. the process of analyzing and tracking communications in social media. So you can read what customers say about your business. The link also saves time because it takes a lot of manual work out of your hands and collects interactions on your social media in one place. Nowadays, the vast majority of people first look at a business’s online reviews before deciding to make a reservation. So these reviews will often determine whether or not someone will visit your establishment. Thanks to the extensive review management of this connection, you will be even better informed of positive and negative feedback and you will be able to respond quickly. Furthermore, you will get an overview of what is going well in your business and what can be further optimised. By dealing with this quickly and in a targeted way, you increase the satisfaction of your customers and therefore the success of your business. You can also respond more easily to questions, feedback and messages from your guests, generating more and better reviews. All this increases your online involvement with your consumers.